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Here’s How You Can Live In The Present … Starting Today!

Over the past few years it has become essential to me that I live in the present moment. To me this means being entirely focused on where I am, what I am doing and, most importantly, who I am with. Why is it important to live in the present moment, you ask? The “focus on right now” approach to life is important because negativity often comes from the memory of past events or behaviors. It is also hard to think positively when your imagination is creating nightmare scenarios of possible future outcomes.

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What Do You Do If You Wake Up and Crave Change?

Sometimes, you reach a point where you’re just done.

It happens to us all at times. When it happens to men, it tends to be referred to as a “mid-life crisis” – but all that is is a way of saying someone has become fed up with their life as it is now. Male or female, we all occasionally have moments when the life we have carefully pieced together feels mundane,

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How To Turn Your Day Around

Let’s be honest, there are some days that are just horrible.

No matter how upbeat and optimistic you strive to be, there will be days that appear to be everything but.

Lately, it seems that I have had more blah days than I care to admit and realized that I needed to step back and regroup.

Recently, I took to Instagram to express my frustration and received an outpouring of support publicly and privately with ways to turn your day around in a flash.

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The Power of Words

“Words are free.
It’s how you use them that may cost you.” -Kushand Wizdom

I remember years ago, someone very close to me said some very harsh words that stayed with me for years. Often I would go to do something new, their words would come back and I would freeze in fear believing I was unable to succeed. I blame no one but myself for what I have or have not accomplished in my life.

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Advice For When You’re Feeling Uncertain

Do you feel like the future is uncertain? You might feel like you don’t know what will happen next for you, your family or even your country. The truth is, almost everyone feels like this. And, in fact, no one can guarantee what will happen in the future. You don’t know if something amazing might happen to you or if you might face terrible hardships. All we can do is do our best to be ready for what comes our way.

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Does Selling A Home Need To Be Stressful? Hint, The Answer’s No!

Did you know that a report recently revealed selling a home is the most traumatic experience for adults? It’s true, selling a home beats burying a loved one for the top position in that poll. I know what you’re thinking. You must be joking? Surely, people finding saying goodbye to someone they loved more difficult than selling a home? Well, don’t be so sure because selling a house can be incredibly stressful.

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7 Frugal Things You Should be Doing as You’re Starting Life on Your Own

If you’re planning on moving into your own place, now is the time to take stock of your financial situation and plan for the future. According to a 2016 study, 53 percent of Americans are worried about being able to meet their expenses in the future.

This concern is valid. Another recent survey revealed that over 48 percent of Americans reported that they were living paycheck to paycheck. A quarter of the respondents in the survey said they were concerned about being able to stay on top of their bills.

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