Incorporate Daily Affirmations

20 Ways to Incorporate Daily Affirmations into Your Life

Sometimes, reaching your goals and making changes stick can be difficult. I’ve learned when I incorporate daily affirmations into my daily strategy they can play a big part in my success. However, positive affirmations are not a stand-alone solution. Saying or thinking positive words only get you so far.

Consider the person who wants to be more productive with their time and actions. That person might use the positive affirmation, “I am a productive person who uses my time wisely.” Affirmations are not magic words that make things happen. While there is power in words, the real power is within you – in your thoughts, words, and your actions. It takes all three of these things to reach your realistic goals.

For example, the person who wants to be more productive must do things in addition to saying, “I am a productive person who uses my time wisely,” such as making a conscious effort to manage their time more wisely. Achieving your goal requires that you take actions to change, as well as reminding yourself that you can and are making changes. This is where using your positive affirmations effectively comes into play.

You know that you can write your positive affirmations down and use them in your self-talk. But, let’s face it. This can get a little boring after a while and you may find that you aren’t as excited as you once were. To help you stay motivated, interested, positive, and on course, here are a few fun and creative ways to slip affirmations into your daily routines to get an extra dose of inspiration, motivation, determination, etc.

20 Ways to Incorporate Affirmations into Your Daily Life

Combine Reading and Writing With Your Affirmations

  1. Write your affirmations in an app, which sends you a “reminder.”
  2. Read a book about the topic of the current affirmation.
  3. Write about your affirmation in a journal.
  4. Read comedic content related to your affirmation or goal.

Put On Your Listening Ears

  1. Have a trusted friend record your 3rd-person affirmations (using your name instead of the “I/My” format.) Listen to this recording when you have self-doubt or need “evidence” that the affirmation is true.
  2. Listen to your favorite speaker talk about the topic of your affirmation.
  3. Create a song playlist that supports or has a similar message to your affirmations.

Incorporate Touch with Your Affirmations

  1. Associate a texture/textile with each affirmation. Ex. Security – blanket/yarn
  2. Draw or sketch how you envision your affirmation looks. Include yourself in the picture, when appropriate.
  3. Put together puzzles that inspire you or remind you of your affirmation/goal.

Talk It Out

  1. Sing your affirmation to a familiar tune, such as “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”
  2. Turn affirmations into a cadence chant or song (military marching song). This one is so easy a kindergartener can do it. No really – check this kindergarten cadence chant video out and adjust to fit your needs.

Let’s Get Moving

  1. Use the cadence chant created from your affirmation/goal when riding a bike, walking, jogging, or exercising.
  2. Take a walk and look for things that remind you of your affirmation. Write down examples of what you saw and why each reminded you of your affirmation.

So Close You Can Taste (or Smell) It

  1. Make a list of scents or tastes you associate with the related emotion or result in your affirmation/goal. Ex. Lavender – relaxing, Lemon – rejuvenating
  2. Incorporate aromatherapy into your day to help you achieve the mindset/emotion associated with your affirmation or goal.

Sometimes You Have To See it to Believe It

  1. Create a “vision board” that include images or other visual items to help you “see” or envision your affirmation or your goal.
  2. Find or create a visual that represents or depicts your affirmation or related goal.
  3. Create a collection of affirmation or goal related images that inspire you. Tag them with the emotions or feelings you experience when you look at them.
  4. Take photos of scenes and events that inspire and motivate you.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can make your affirmations more effective, interesting, and fun. As you incorporate your affirmations into more areas of your daily life, you’ll find that additional activity ideas just seem to come to you. So, make sure you have a place to make notes about this and related info. Using a journal would be a great way to keep your information organized.

Your dreams for a better, more successful, and happier life are important. They are within your grasp, when you use positive affirmations, your power tool for achieving goals. Using positive affirmations effectively, can turn each dream into a reality and even transform your life. Don’t give up on yourself or your dream.

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