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About The Diva

Support Encouragement Balance | Michelle D Garrett, Divas With A Purpose

Divas With A Purpose is a source of inspiration and motivation. It’s about women being driven, inspiring, victorious and having a plan of action to become the best them they have been called to be. With collaboration, we are making our way through this thing called life as women, mothers, sisters, and friends.

Fulfilling My Purpose | Michelle D Garrett, Divas With A Purpose

Founder of Divas With A Purpose –
Michelle D. Garrett
Columbia, SC

Blogger | Women’s Empowerment Expert | Accountability Coach | Speaker

Michelle D. Garrett wants female entrepreneurs to embrace their inner diva and become driven, inspiring, victorious and called to action while learning to make money by showing up consistently. A wife, mom, and mental health advocate she teaches women in business how to find the “right for them” balance between family, life, and work.

The strength of her approach is Michelle’s ability to cut through the fluff and identify the specific actions and critical activities one needs to be successful in their individual business. She knows that as women with families time is precious and making the most of it is vital, especially if they have a career in addition to entrepreneurship. Her clients are able to create daily routines for consistency and productivity that meet the unique demands of their lives.

Michelle helps entrepreneurs gain confidence through the MDG Biz Boost Academy. She teaches the necessary skills for success when doing business in the digital world. Her live videos, courses, e-books, and one on one consultations cover everything from simple ways to be more effective up to a personalized social media strategy that will grow an audience genuinely interested in buying from her clients. MDG Biz Boost also provides a community of support from like minded female entrepreneurs encouraging one another on their paths to success.

Ultimately, Michelle’s goal is to provide women in business the peace of mind by being able to balance family, life, and work in a way that feels good for them. Connect with Michelle online through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and her website

About The Diva: Michelle D Garrett

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