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Can I Make Money With A Cricut?

Disclosure: This article is a sponsored post and includes affiliate links. All opinions and experiences are my own.

When family and friends learn that I have a Cricut, one of the first questions is typically if it’s possible to make money with a Cricut. As a long-time entrepreneur passionate about helping other women fulfill their entrepreneurial goals, I totally get it and say “You definitely can!”.

The Cricut Maker is an easy way for anyone to create beautiful projects without having any previous experience in designing or cutting fabric. It’s also a great tool for crafters who want to learn how to use their machines better.

I recently received the new Cricut Explore 3 and Cricut’s new Smart Materials to test out. The Cricut Explore family is their most popular cutting machine and it’s now up to two times faster than the previous model.

What's new with the Cricut Explore 3

The Cricut is an electronic cutting machine that allows users to cut designs into paper, fabric, vinyl, wood, leather, and other materials. Crafters have used it since its introduction in 2005, and now there are many models available.

What does the Cricut Explore 3 do?

What doesn’t it do? The Cricut Explore 3 can cut over 100 materials including vinyl, HTV, glitter paper and bonded fabric. You can view all of the materials it cuts here on their website.

Does the Cricut Explore 3 need a computer?

You can use Cricut’s free software Design Space. It’s available Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The majority of my projects are done using my iPhone and connecting wirelessly to my Cricut.

There are, however, some limitations with the app. You are unable to use the Knife Blade or the Print and Cut option. Those must be done using a desktop or laptop.

What are Cricut Smart Materials?

I’m most excited about the introduction of Smart Materials. I’ll be honest – I’m not a fan of using mats to load material. One of the reasons I love my Cricut Joy is because most of my projects are done without one. Smart Materials are engineered to just load and cut.

The following Smart Materials are available in a variety of colors and styles:

  • Smart Vinyl™ Permanent and Removable
  • Smart Paper™ Sticker Cardstock
  • Smart Iron-on™
Cricut Smart Material Loaded with Cricut Roll Holder |

The newly introduced Roll Holder helps to keep rolled material aligned, for clean, precise cuts. It even comes with a built-in trimmer to ensure edges. It fits rolled material from 4-75 feet.

All that’s great, but how can I make money with my Cricut Explore 3?

The great thing about making money with your Cricut is that the possibilities are endless! It’s fairly easy to get started with simple projects with your Cricut Explore 3 right out the box. I would recommend choosing a few products to start with so you’re not purchasing a lot of supplies right away. Also, make sure that you are keeping track of your expenses and income for a few reasons. This will help you with setting your prices and for any tax reporting that will need to be done.

50+ ways to make money with your Cricut

Here are 50+ ways to make money with your Cricut Explore |

Sell Printable Designs Online

If you love crafting and creating things, then selling your creations online might be something you would enjoy doing. You can sell your work through Etsy, eBay, Amazon, or any number of other sites.

Create Custom T-Shirts

One of the easiest ways to start earning extra cash is by designing custom t-shirts. There are tons of websites where you can upload an image and customize it however you want. Once you design it, you can print them up at a local shop or even order them online.

Start an Etsy Shop

Another easy way to earn extra cash is through selling items on Etsy. This website allows people to sell handmade goods directly to customers. You can set your own prices and ship anywhere in the world.

Sell Craft Kits

If you love crafting, then you might consider starting an online store where you can sell craft kits. These kits usually contain everything needed to complete a project, such as scissors, glue, fabric, etc.

Sell Digital Artwork

You can also sell digital artwork. This includes images, graphics, logos, icons, illustrations, photographs, and other visual elements. Many people use websites like Etsy to sell their work. However, you can also sell your art through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

50+ More Ways to Make Money With a Cricut

Here are 55 specific items to get you started with your brainstorming. Cricut’s Design Space has great project ideas for any skill level. I highly recommend having a Cricut Access™ subscription to access additional fonts, projects and images.

  1. Canvas banners
  2. Family names and icons for rear windows
  3. No Soliciting Decals for doors
  4. Custom tumblers
  5. Holiday buckets
  6. Coasters
  7. Mailbox Numbers and Personalizations
  8. Customized Lanyards
  9. Spice Jar Labels
  10. Monogrammed plates
  11. Cutting boards
  12. Bumper Stickers
  13. Cookie/Snack jars
  14. Personalized Baby Bottles
  15. Drawstring bags
  16. Kitchen Labels
  17. Personalized Baby Onesies
  18. Cake toppers
  19. Journals with inspirational quotes on the cover
  20. Throw pillows
  21. Water bottles
  22. Holiday stockings
  23. Jewelry dishes
  24. Scrabble Tile Wall Art
  25. Keychains using leather
  26. Santa’s Cookies Plates
My planter customized with Cricut Explore 3 Smart Material Permanent Vinyl
My first Cricut Explore 3 Project. This design can be found in Cricut Design Space and easily resized depending on what you’re using it for. I used Smart Vinyl™ Permanent in Black.
  1. Leather earrings
  2. Coffee mugs
  3. Stenciled doormats
  4. Personalized pet collars
  5. Puzzles
  6. Koozies
  7. Tooth Fairy Pouches
  8. Thank you stickers for small businesses
  9. Canvas Wall Art
  10. Pennant banners
  11. Pencil pouches
  12. Planner stickers
  13. Pot holders
  14. Custom towels
  15. Wall Art using removable vinyl
  16. Sleep masks
  17. Diaper Caddies with personalization
  18. Personalized Ornaments
  19. Window decals
  20. Wall Quotes
  21. Personalized Pots for Plant Moms
  22. Customized Piggy Banks
  23. Make-up brush holders
  24. Garden signs
  25. Personalized face masks
  26. Food and water bowls for pets
  27. Personalized make-up bags
  28. Treat jars for pets
  29. Personalized Wine Glasses

I hope these ideas help, and best of luck with your Cricut experience. Even if you choose not to sell the products you create, crafting with Cricut is something you and your family will truly enjoy.

Supplies to Make Money With Your Cricut

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.