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Business Conferences for Female Entrepreneurs

I’m often asked about the best business conferences for female entrepreneurs to attend. As a blogger, social media consultant and entrepreneur attending retreats and conferences is a part of my business strategy for increasing my network, learning, and engaging with others. And, honestly, there are some conferences I attend annually to (re)connect with the attendees who have become an integral part of my personal and professional tribe.

A listing of business conferences that are beneficial for female entrepreneurs to attend. #networking #WOCinTech

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Below is a listing of retreats and conferences I have attended, spoken at, hosted, and plan on attending in the near future.

The Divatude Experience

The Divatude Experience 2018

The Divatude Experience is my baby. It’s a small weekend retreat each October with fellow female entrepreneurs. During that week we strategize and lay the foundation for the upcoming year. It is also an opportunity to get some downtime and connect with others who understand the ups and downs of being a female entrepreneur.

Where: Myrtle Beach, SC
When: October
Hosted By: Michelle D. Garrett

Learn more and register here.

Courage to Earn More Retreat

Courage to Earn More Retreat 2019

Where: Bay Area, California
When: January
Hosted By: Brandi Riley, Amiyrah Martin & Michelle Garrett

Courage to Earn MORE is another retreat that I’m actively involved with. The Courage to Earn community was founded by Brandi Riley empower women to be paid what they’re worth. Our weekend mastermind is our way of jump-starting our year with action and motivation. Day 1 of our retreat is set aside for each person to get immediate feedback on something they are working on in their business for the upcoming year. Day 2 is all about implementation, collaboration and 1:1 and group mentoring.

Join the Courage to Earn Community or sign up for the newsletter to receive updates when registration opens.

Beachpreneurs Beach Camp

Beachpreneurs Beach Camp 2018

Where: Daytona Beach
When: April / May
Hosted By: Kelly McCausey and Nicole Dean

Learn more about Beachpreneurs, sponsorship and speaker opportunities here. (affiliate link)

My Beach Camp Testimonial:

Attending Beach Camp in 2018 was a game-changer for me. I was surrounded by powerful, confident business women who spoke freely about charging their worth, giving back and truly supporting others within their business communities.

Setting prices and speaking about them confidently was a struggle within my business leading up to my first Beach Camp.

During one of the table talks a simple question opened up and released some fears and apprehensions that I didn’t even realize I’d been holding on to.

After that conversation and absorbing the information that was given throughout Beach Camp, I went home and immediately doubled my rates. I earned more the 3 months following Beach Camp then I had the previous year!

Not only have I consistently earned more income, I have been working through and addressing barriers that I’d put in place to my own success.

Flock Presents

Flock Presents

Where: Varies
When: Multiple One-Day Conferences throughout the Year
Hosted By: Cam Bowman and Emelia Cellura

FLOCK hosts small-scale, topical conferences, intensives, and workshops that push you to your best. Gather with like-minded individuals. Gain knowledge, skills, and confidence around a specific topic. Grow your brand and your business.

I attended my first Flock event in January 2019 and had an action task of things to implement before the first snack break! I’m also excited to be speaking at their June 2019 event in Charleston, SC. Each event has a specific focus and experts are brought in that will be able to help the attendees implement with the information they provide.

See all their upcoming events by clicking here.

Mom 2.0  Summit804A7514.jpg

Where: Varies
When: May
Hosted By: Mom 2.0

Mom 2.0 is a gathering of influencers and leaders who create content online and on air in parenting, entertainment, food, politics, business, marketing, technology, social change, travel and design. This conference is not just for mothers. Men and women that do not have children attend it and find great value in the sessions, keynotes and connections.

I’ll be honest, Mom 2.0 is my favorite blogger conference to attend. Why? Because it was the first one I attended and was able to receive tangible takeaways as a blogger, digital influencer AND female entrepreneur who offered products and services outside of the blogging community.

I have spoken at Mom 2.0 and was recognized by the community for Livestream of the Year 2019.

Exposure & Profit

Where: Atlanta, GA
When: October
Hosted By: Kelly McCausey

Exposure & Profit is a Content Marketing Conference hosted by Kelly McCausey of Love People + Make Money. This is another conference that I have heard great things about. I am a part of Kelly’s closed group, taken part in challenges she offers and attended Beachpreneurs which she co-hosts. The ladies at Beachpreneurs had great things to say about Exposure & Profit and knowing Kelly she puts her heart into whatever she’s offering her community. I’m excited to not only be attending, but speaking this year!

Learn more and register here. (affiliate link)

Traffic Sales and Profit Live

Where: Atlanta, GA
When: June
Hosted By: Traffic Sales and Profit

Traffic Sales and Profit Live is the “ultimate online sales and marketing event for Black Entrepreneurs”. This is another conference that I have not been able to attend … yet, but it’s on my list. Many of the female entrepreneurs I work with on a regular basis speak highly of this event and I can see the excitement, enthusiasm and action that they take during and after the event.

Learn more and register for 2019’s conference.

Here We Grow Self Care Retreat

This self-care retreat is on my bucket list. In previous years it has conflicted with other responsibilities that I have but I am determined to attend within the next few years.

The retreat is not a business conference but it is one that I believe women-of-color female entrepreneurs need to attend. Why? Because it forces you to slow down and focus on YOU with a group of women who get it.

“Each retreat offers soul-stirring conversations to give you clarity on where you are and where you’re headed; opportunities to hear from mental health experts; hands-on workshops developed to create change that lasts when you get home, and massages, good food and sightseeing in a new city each year.”

Where: Varies
When: Varies
Hosted By: Tara Pringle Jefferson – Founder, The Self Care Suite

Learn more and register for 2019’s retreat in Puerto Rico.

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