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Healthy Habits after 40 That Make an Impact

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Once I turned 40 there were quite a few ah-ha moments when it came to my healthy habits routine! One of the biggest was that I needed to stop procrastinating on those health and wellness goals I had been sitting on. My main ones were:

  1. Creating healthier habits when it comes to my physical health
  2. Making my mental health and wellness a priority
  3. Caring for my body from the inside out

There was no doubt about it, my routines needed (eh…perhaps still need in some areas) a big overhaul. I was overweight, overindulged my sweet tooth regularly and had a very lax schedule when it came to taking anything other than my prescribed medications.

Overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration were the norm. While there was a lot out of my control, there were quite a few things I could control.

Important healthy habits for women over 40 to incorporate into their daily routines.

How to Move More When You’re Unmotivated

Step One – Make yourself move more.


Mindset is such a big part of making a change. Tell a loved one your plans and ask them to help keep you accountable. I told my children and did they ever come through!

Things that helped included:

  • setting small step goals and gradually increasing them if when you meet your goal two days in a row by 500 steps.
  • finding something you enjoy doing and determine a way to incorporate movement. For me, it was talking and connecting with my family. We found an indoor walking series and would do them together for 15-30 minutes each day.
  • taking every opportunity to stand up and move around the house and outdoors when the weather permits.

Healthy Habits Around Mental Health and Wellness

I had to do the work when it came to my mental health. Honestly, I’m still doing it and there are days where it is hard as heck.

As for my overall wellness, incorporating skills I learned through cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy have been a big help:

  • deep breathing exercises
  • journaling
  • mindfulness when in distress
  • using my self-soothing kit
  • breaking down tasks that are overwhelming into smaller tasks
  • communication skills
  • creating SMART goals around specific areas I’m struggling with

Caring for my body from the inside out

One day it hit me, I was putting all this effort into improving how I looked, felt and reacted to situations, but I was neglecting so many other areas that impacted how my body functioned.

Why a daily prebiotic+probiotic should be incorporated into your healthy habits routine

Enter the Daily Synbiotic from Seed that I have been taking for the last couple of months. It’s a prebiotic+probiotic that has whole body benefits. How? It’s been “clinically and scientifically-studied to provide benefits in gastrointestinal function, skin health, heart health, gut immune function, gut barrier integrity, and micronutrient synthesis.” You can learn all about it here.

I purposely delayed sharing about this product until I had a chance to use it for a length of time to determine how effective if was for me. Big disclaimer – my experiences are mine. All of our bodies are different and we will have different outcomes when taking synbiotics.

First and foremost, before I could even begin using the product and partner with Seed, I had to attend a training. Seed University provided information on how our bodies work, microbiomes, how their products were created, why and much more. I learned from many of the people that work behind the scenes to formulate the product. There was even a test afterwards. It’s the most work I’ve had to do when working with a brand. I learned a ton and really had more trust with the product I was about to put into my body daily.

A daily sybiotic created by Seed is helping with my healthy habits goals.

If we’re connected on Instagram, I’ll be sharing more over there and making updates via my Stories. Just look for the Seed Highlights section on my account:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.