Flu Survival Kit

The flu is a nightmare this year. Hitting everyone left and right and sadly taking the lives of many. When it comes to cold and flu season you often find yourself looking at how to protect your family from getting the flu. This year I would like to suggest you get together a survival kit to help your family stand a fighting chance and bounce back after getting the flu. Your flu survival kit needs to have a few basic things to treat the worst of the symptoms and plenty of disinfectants to help control the germs when someone falls ill.

Flu Survival Kit

Basic medicines your flu survival kit needs

Two of the worst symptoms with this year’s flu are the cough and the fever that leave you in a state of disaster. To help make your entire family more comfortable start by stocking your medicine kit with a large bag of cough drops. Store brands often sell larger bags. A strong cough syrup is a key to keeping comfortable and helping keep down fluids with the flu. The youngest members of the family can benefit from natural cough syrups like Zarbees or Hylands.

Stock both Tylenol and Motrin for each member of your family. If buying infants grab two bottles because the last thing you want to do is run out of something you need while you are too sick to run out and get more. To keep the fever and body aches under control you can alternate between these two medications.

For older members of the family, you will find classic Theraflu is a great way to help you feel normal in the first day and after the worst of the flu has worked its way out.

Stock immune boosting vitamins. From Airborne to Emergen-C  (affiliate link) you need to keep a great stock of vitamins that will help you fight off the flu. Start giving everyone extra vitamins as soon as the first sign of the flu hits the first member of your family so that you can fight off the flu easier.

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Stock your home with food and fluids

When you fall sick with the flu food is not really on the top of your list. Having soup and crackers in stock will help keep your family fed when the flu hits. This is expressly handy if the members of your family do not get sick all at once. Whip up a batch of your favorite chicken soup for the freezer or grab canned soup to store in your flu survival kit.

Gatorade or your choice sports drink are great to have in stock for your flu survival kit. It is common with the flu to find yourself unable to keep even water down but a balanced sports drink has a tendency of staying where you need it to and making a bigger difference before it comes back up if you find yourself coughing. Avoid the color red so you can see if you are throwing up blood with the flu.

Stock your home with disinfectant to help fight off the flu.

If you are lucky and the flu hits your home you may be able to help control the spread of the flu. Stock up on disinfectant wipes and spray for easy germ killing in the germiest rooms of the house. Contain sick members of the family too one area of the house helping keep the amount of germs healthy members of the family come into contact with.

Be prepared to keep everyone busy.

While the flu may leave you feeling under the weather and wanting to sleep most of the day away you will find yourself awake a good bit and having books, board games, or movies on hand will help you keep boredom under control when the flu has you stick in bed or on the sofa for days at a time.