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Write A To Do List

Welcome to Day  12 of our 31 Days of Embracing Your Divatude Challenge! Today’s challenge is to write out a to do list for the next year. Specifically, what are three to five things you will accomplish one year from today.

If you are new to the challenge, you can catch up here.

Briefly, the month of May is dedicated to focusing on our Divatude – being driven, inspiring, victorious and called to action in our personal and professional lives. As women, different aspects of divatude impact our daily walk at all times. Our focus with this challenge is taking the time to reflect on our daily attitudes and actions and ensuring we are focusing on what will lift us and others around us up.

31 Days of Embracing Your Divatude

Today we are focusing more on the Action of our Divatude. I want you to ask yourself – A year from today what will I have accomplished? Am I laying the foundation for my goals to succeed and prosper?

Walter Disney is known as a famous cartoonist and for making Disney World and Disneyland. His dream was to become a cartoonist and he made his dream come true. Not only did it come true but Disney World today is one of the most renowned and spectacular cartoon producers ever! That is the product of knowing your outcome. In fact not to long ago at a news conference a reporter asked representatives of Disney World what they thought Walt would have said about Disney World today. Their reply was along the lines of – “What do you mean? He saw it first!”. They realized that it was all made possible because of one man’s dream and in that dream he saw exactly what he was going to produce – his very own Disney World.

Write out your to do list - what will you accomplish a year from today?

Before we can see our life’s dream come around like our friends Walt Disney and Bill Gates, there is a need to establish what our desired outcome really is. Where do we want to be? Who do we want to become? What is it in life that is really that important to us? We need an answer to these questions to grow in life, its vital to have direction in order to feel fulfillment and real satisfaction in your life.

Today’s challenge: Write out your to do list of 3-5 items you will accomplish a year from today. Be specific and rather than state you want to do something phrase your sentences to say that you will do the specific tasks.

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Samantha Dube

Wednesday 14th of May 2014

I really need this I just failed to finish my 101 goals in 1001 days challenge because I made a list but didnt focus on how to get it done.


Friday 16th of May 2014

Let's not talk about the 101 in 1001 challenge....I really need to revamp mine, too. Perhaps we need to start a group challenge to motivate and keep each other accountable the next time around. Hmmm....

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.