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Sacrifice of Motherhood

I originally published this article, Sacrifice of Motherhood, in 2013. I re-publish each year on Mother’s Day as a reminder and a way to honor the woman who gave me life.

Mother’s Day is typically a day to shower the maternal role models in our lives with love, praises and gifts.

For some it’s a day to remember their mothers and grandmothers who may be gone physically but whose memories and legacies live on.

I spend the day with my family – my mother, aunts or girlfriends who are on this journey of motherhood alongside me. But there’s a fleeting moment when my mind drifts to an unknown place to focus on an unknown face.

The woman who carried me in her womb for months and then gave a loving couple the gift of parenthood.

Growing up “adoption”, it seemed, was a taboo subject in our society.  I hid it like my own personal scarlet letter. It was rarely discussed – yet I always knew.  Often when people found out there immediate response was “I’m sorry” – my response “I’m not”

I never really thought about where I got my eyes or why I disliked pizza – I grew up surrounded by and enveloped in love.

Then I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Carrying my oldest son in my womb and feeling him do somersaults. Watching his little feet press against my belly. Singing and talking to this being growing inside me that I couldn’t wait to meet, to hold, to love and to protect forever and a day.

Releasing to receive: One of the first sacrifices of motherhood I was taught by the woman who gave birth to me. #adoption #mothersday

True Sacrifice of Motherhood – Releasing to Receive

The emotions and questions came quite suddenly. I realized the true value of the sacrifice that had been made. She chose to give me life and I’m forever grateful. I have no idea what the circumstances were surrounding the pregnancy and decision to choose adoption. I do realize, recognize and respect that there were options and the choices made by several individuals led to me being where I am, who I am and what I am today.

There’s no anger or angst. There’s no feeling of having missed out or being “not whole”. Quite the opposite. My life is full. I have a large, loving, and sometimes overbearing family. In this moment when my thoughts float to the woman who birthed me – there’s peace and gratitude.

My hope and prayer is that is she has those same feelings.

Motherhood is sacrifice and she provided me with my first lesson.

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Gillian Stephen (@Gillian_Stephen)

Monday 13th of May 2013

Wow! I'm in awe of you. I was talking to a friend recently about adoption and she detailed a negative experience that a family friend had been through. I'm so glad that I can now share your very positive experience with her, as you always need balance. Thank you for sharing and letting all mothers (including myself) know that we may not always understand the decisions that they make but everyone does have options.

Stopping over from SITS sharefest to continue our connection :)

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Saturday 11th of May 2013

Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this bit of information with us. Adopted or not, you are with a family that loves you and you love them. I never knew the full sacrifice mothers made until I became one myself four years ago.


Saturday 11th of May 2013

So glad your birth mother gave you life and that you were adopted by a loving family. Sounds like you have a great attitude.

Visiting from SITS.


Saturday 11th of May 2013

{Melinda} What a beautiful post .... I have a number of friends who have adopted and are so grateful to the birth mom for giving them such an amazing and sacrificial gift.

Stopping by from Sharefest!

Yvonne Wilson (EMoments)

Friday 10th of May 2013

Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us. God bless you and happy Mother's Day!!


Saturday 11th of May 2013

Thanks so much Yvonne! Happy Mother's Day to you, too, my dear friend! God's blessings on you and yours!

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