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My Reflections on The Best Man Holiday

This past weekend I went to see The Best Man Holiday with my “Divas”.

The movie and the overall themes of friendship and love have resonated with me throughout the week.

No spoilers, I promise.  However, before I give my thoughts I have to give the back story who The Divas are.

Reflections on Friendship

There are five us – completely different in so many ways but we share two strong bonds – motherhood and friendship. Our friendships range from 5 – 25+ years. We each bring something unique to our circle and that missing link is felt if someone is absent when we all get together.

Some of us talk almost every day and others catch up when we are face-to-face. We support each other, pray for one another and give much-needed reality checks from time-to-time.

Many of the situations in The Best Man Holiday resonated with us all. From divorces, separations, marriages, miscarriages, births, deaths – at one point or another we have all been there for one another to offer support, laughter, and love.

The Best Man Holiday

I loved this movie. It was hard for me to watch at times. The Divas and I laughed, cried and comforted one another throughout the movie.

It was a wonderful reminder to treasure and cultivate the lifetime friendships you have. I know that the bond we have is a rarity these days. Five women who are there for one another and drama-free. That’s us. I love them all more than words can express and look forward to a lifetime of growing, learning and sharing wonderful moments with each other, our significant others and our rowdy bunch of kiddos.

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Reflections On The Best Man Holiday


Let’s Talk About It:
How do you make time for your circle of friends?

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KoKoa Magazine (@KoKoaMagazine)

Sunday 24th of November 2013

I have not seen it so many people have ruined it on social media telling the spoilers so I am going to wait until dvd since I already know what happens. I have heard it is so good though

Val B.

Friday 22nd of November 2013

Totally agree. Saw it with my girlfriends. Ladies I've known close to 20 years. Great to share it with them..

Yvonne I Wilson

Friday 22nd of November 2013

Have not seen this movie as yet, but from the review you've given, it seems like a great movie to look at. Sounds like a great bond of friendship that you also have with the other Divas. Have a great weekend!


Friday 22nd of November 2013

Thanks Yvonne! They are definitely a blessing to me! Have a fantastic weekend, too!

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