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November Journal Prompts

November journal prompts are here!  These prompts are great to use in your family journaling projects, business live-streams and videos, social media posts and even to spark conversation around the dinner table.

If you have not started a regular routine of connecting with your family and encouraging your children to express themselves, I challenge you to join us for our monthly family journaling project. No rules on how to engage – just a daily prompt and a challenge to share your thoughts via words, song, art, or whatever way your heart desires.

November Journal Prompts to use for family and business #journalprompts

November Journal Prompts

1.    List 5 things you are grateful for?

2.    What do you love about Fall/Autumn?

3.    Create a Fall flavored menu for a family dinner.

4.    Look outside your window and describe the colors that you see.

5.    What are your business goals for this month?

6.    Plan out Fall sales for your business.

7.    Write about a time/place/person/event that this month reminds you of.

8.    You are enjoying sitting by your fireplace – who is there with you?

9.    Is there one thing you would have done differently this year?

10.If money were no object what Fall clothing or items would you purchase?

11.How could you honor veterans?

12.What family traditions do you have for Thanksgiving?

13.There’s under 8 weeks left in this year, have you accomplished your business goals?

14.Who are you thankful for and why?

15.What could you do to make this month special for someone else?

16.Write a fun description of Fall using as many Fall related words as possible.

17.Create a Book Reading List for over the winter.

18.What are your top 3 inspirational quotes?

19.You are having a visitor from out of town. What are the top places you would take them to visit & why?

20.Describe your favorite family activity to do in November.

21.Start creating business plans for over the Christmas Holidays. How can you work less & still earn the same?

22.What are you thankful for in this moment?

23.Are you planning on going away this month for Thanksgiving or just for a weekend getaway?

24.Who would you love to meet and why?

25.Take a walk and then list nature items you discovered on the way. Take a photo & share it.

26.If you could be frivolous what would you do?

27.Who or what are you inspired by?

28.What local Fall produce have you enjoyed this month?

29.If you were hosting a dinner party which 3 historical figures would you invite?

30.What was the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?

30 More November Journal Prompts

1.    What is your main goal for this month?

2.    Ten things you are grateful for?

3.    I am grateful to …

4.    What do you love about autumn colors?

5.    What traditions do you have for Fall or Thanksgiving?

6.    Your favorite Fall evening ritual.

7.    What is the best thing you have done this month so far?

8.    What’s new Fall food or recipe are you going to try?

9.    Your favorite Fall childhood memory.

10.What book do you want to snuggle up on the couch with?

11.Best memory about sitting by a fire?

12.Nicest walk you have taken this month.

13.What’s your biggest challenge this month?

14.What one business goal do you have?

15.Travel plans for this months.

16.What’s your favorite item of clothing that makes you feel cozy and warm?

17.Your best motivational quote.

18.Your Christmas wishes.

19.Your Fall exercise routine is…

20.Five beliefs that help you live a good life are …

21.The best piece of advice you received.

22.Top 3 qualities you see in others.

23.An act of kindness you can do to show gratitude this month.

24.Four ways I can be selfless.

25.Something you would change if you could.

26.Your goal for next month – personal and business.

27.Compare this November to last year.

28.Write about one area of nutrition you want to concentrate on.

29.The one thing you did really well this week.

30.Expand on this sentence: There is always something to be grateful for…

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.