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March Social Media Prompts

This article shares March Social Media Prompts to help you show up for your community on the social media platforms of your choice daily. I center these prompts around special days and holidays of the month. This helps you create relevant content based on trending topics for the day or month.

While building your community, it is important to post engaging content consistently on your social media channels. 

If you need additional content and guidance, I created an eBook with themed content and conversation starters to implement on your social media channels.

How to Use These Social Media Prompts

It is important to remember when engaging on social media to:

  • be your authentic self
  • switch up your content type – images, videos, content from other sources, etc
  • cross-promote what you share on your various platforms
  • focus on the social media platforms you are most comfortable using first
  • remember that planning is good, but in-the-moment shares are great, as well!

The great thing about these prompts is that you can use them to post on your social media channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat. The list is endless. You can create images, live-streams and even quick video snippets to answer each prompt and encourage your followers to respond back to you with their answers or ideas.

Ready to show up on social media this March? Here are 31 March social media prompts to help you do just that on your platforms.

31 March Social Media Prompts

1 – Share a Smile Day: Share your beautiful smile while doing an introduction post.

2 -#BizGoals: Share your March goals and focus.

3 – Read an eBook Week: Share an ebook you’ve written with your community or one that’s inspired you. (Like my Purposely Productive eBook that’s only $2.99!)

4 – March Fourth: How will you march “fourth” this month with your goals?

5 – Women’s History Month: Share women that have impacted your life journey.

6 – Ask your community to share positive things that have happened in their life and/or business this week. Don’t forget to share yours, too!

7 – National Be Heard Day: Promote yourself and how your community can connect with you.

8 – International Women’s Day: Use today to share inspirational women who are making a difference in your niche, or ask your community for ways they support and uplift other women – locally, online and globally. (Learn more about International Women’s Day, the current year’s theme, and get resources for your online and offline community on the official website).

9 – Get Over It Day: Share how you move forward after a business disappointment.

10 – International Day of Awesomeness: Share something awesome happening in your life.

11 – Dream Day: What’s a dream your business has allowed you to make a reality?

Social Media Tip: Use “themed days” to connect with your community. For example, Mondays are often tagged “Motivational Mondays”. Use that as a reminder to show up with quick inspiration or action steps to implement throughout the week.

12 – Gratitude: Ask your community to share what they are thankful for today. 

13 – Women’s History Month: Share inspirational women in your field with your community.

14 – Ask a Question Day: Host a Q&A session with your community. This can be done via video, stories or social media posts.

15 – True Confessions Day: Share the “truth” behind the work you do.

16 – Share a motivational quote, video or song with your community.

17 – Clutter Awareness Week: Share your best decluttering tips. Don’t just focus on the physical. You can apply decluttering to different aspects of life that your community relates to.

18 – Wellness: Share simple ways you incorporate healthy habits into your day.

19 – Let’s Laugh Day: Share what’s made you laugh out loud recently.

Remember on social media to talk WITH your community, not AT them. Include them in the conversations and have ways to engage and interact.

20 – Spring is Here: Share what you’re looking forward to blooming this Spring.

21 – National Teenager Day: What advice would you give your teenage self?

22 – As Young as You Feel: Ask your community how old they are in “as young as they feel” years.

23 – #OneWord: How are you implementing your One Word this month?

24 – National Day of Achievers: Share 3 things you have learned while achieving your goals.

25 – National Cleaning Week: Share your best Spring cleaning tips.

26 – National Make Up Your Own Holiday: Declare today _______ day and let your community know how to celebrate. You can, also, ask your community to share what holiday they’d love to see created.

27 – 1st Quarter Success: Share your first quarter successes and YAY moments. Discuss what you’re looking forward to in the next three months.

28 – (Re)-Introduce yourself to your community.

29 – Promote You: Share a product or resource you have available.

30 – Take a Walk in the Park Day: Share your favorite ways to relax and unwind.

31 – March Recap: Share your favorite moments from this month.

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