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Motivational Monday: Balancing it All

I recently facilitated a breakout session covering balancing it all. I asked for a volunteer to stand in front while we listed off the multitude of roles we all carry – wife, mother, sister, friend, worker, confidante, entrepreneurs, caregivers, volunteer, etc, etc, etc. With each item listed, I placed a ping pong ball in the hands of my lovely volunteer. Of course, as the list got longer, the pile of ping pong balls got higher until they all began spilling over. The solution? Different people in the group came to help out, pick some up, hold some for the original volunteer, made a cup under her hands to catch any that fell over, etc.

Simple steps to balancing it all

 Sometimes the different roles in our lives are just like that. We take on too much (sometimes without even realizing it) and ask for too little help.  In worst case scenarios, this can lead to serious health issues and breakdowns.  Divas, we have to do better!

Balancing It All Starts With Simple Steps

  1. Ask for help when needed and even when it’s not needed – it’s called delegation
  2. PRIORITIZE – what things in your life can you cut down on or cut out all together
  3. Learn how to say no and stick to it
  4. Use a planner, calendar, something to organize what needs to be done and when
  5. Make time for YOU – even if it’s just a 10 minutes a day to just sit and be 

 Are you at a point where you need to focus more on balancing the different roles and responsibilities in your life? Do you have any ideas / suggestions that work for you to help with balancing things?

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Friday 5th of April 2013

I have mastered #3 with everyone but my husband. I will say "no" and then figure out a way. And I am sure he knows it too. ;-) Thanks for linking up with TALU


Tuesday 2nd of April 2013

This is a great reminder. Thanks for posting it on TALU!

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