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Best Books to Gift Your Best Friend

The gift of reading is priceless. There’s something about sharing a new adventure, encouragement or the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in another world. Whether its for Best Friends Day, birthdays or just because here are some of the best books to gift your best friend.

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Books for Bestie - a list of books to gift your best friend

Best Books to Gift Your Best Friend

365 Days of Happiness: Because happiness is a piece of cake!

365 Days of Happiness: Because happiness is a piece of cake! written by Jacqueline Pirtle wonderfully inspires, strengthens, and shifts women to BE and live their truthful self – a place of self-love, self-understanding, self-believe and all these wonderful great “self” feelings that are so empowering to experience.

Price: $24.99

The One Minute Gratitude Journal

The One-Minute Gratitude Journal: For the Moments That Matter by Pat Wyman is a 52 week guide to a happier, more fulfilled life.

What better way to honor your best friend than with gratitude?

Say thank you to your friend for all the wonderful things she does and all the things you share with this beautiful gratitude journal and let her know you are always grateful for her. It will enrich both your lives.

Get one for each of you and you can talk each day about one thing you are grateful for.

Price: $6.29 – $8.99

Poetry books make a great gift in these modern times because few of us really have enough time to sit down and read a thick fictional work cover to cover, and sometimes not even enough time to get through a single chapter at the end of a long work day. With a poetry book, you can treat yourself to a poem here and there, grabbing a slice of inspiration whenever the mood strikes.

Poet Iconic, Vol. 1 is a collection comprised of poetry written and shared by Kelley Ann Hornyak on her blog,, with work that spans the decade from 2007 to 2017. This assortment is centered on themes of love and loss, healing and acceptance. The cover is a visual representation of the feeling of being silenced by an unwelcoming world. But open the book and let the words fly, and suddenly the poet’s voice is free. This book will take you on a journey through the loves and losses that make up a good life. It is filled with poems about relationships, anxiety, depression, bullying… and surviving and thriving through it all.

Price: $19.99

The Bestie Code written by a trio of Besties

Give the gift of The Bestie Code to your Bestie!

The term bestie is not a title; it’s a promise. A trio of besties breaks down the art of living by The Bestie Code – 10 fundamental principles of building and maintaining your best friendships, your squad, your girl gang. This isn’t your typical women’s self-help guide to living.

It’s an authentic, realistic, hilarious and detailed account of how three adult women from different walks of life bonded through the good, the bad, the ugly, the “oh hell naw,” the “girl I will cut him for you,” the “yasss queen,” and the “oh well… sh!t happens” moments of life.

Dive in and journey through this exhilarating page-turner and discover how you too can be living your best life with your best girlfriends. These narratives eliminate the myth that, “women can’t get along.” Not only can we get along, but we can live life in such a golden way together by living by The Bestie Code.

Price: $14.99

I would love to hear from you! What books would you add to this list and why?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.