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5 Quick Clean Up Tips

I am always appreciative of quick clean up tips. I will be the first person to admit that I do not keep a spotless house – with 3 kids, a full-time job outside the house and numerous other ventures and responsibilities my goal is to have a comfortable, clean home.

I believe in delegating the cleaning chores – everyone, from my two-year old to my husband, gets involved with some aspect of cleaning and tidying up.

Quick Cleaning Tips


Quick Clean Up Tips for the Bathroom

This is one room that I am super anal about. My sons (ages 12 and 5) share a bathroom that is, also, the bathroom guests use. Needless to say, this room needs and gets quite a bit of attention.

All of our old t-shirts go into bins for cleaning and wipe-ups. Each bathroom has their own bin under the sink for easy access.

For simple daily cleaning, I keep a spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. I use this to clean the mirrors, counters, sink and toilet seat. I, also, keep antibacterial wipes for the door knobs, light switch and faucets. I’ve found by doing a quick daily wipe down I can keep the room looking (and smelling) fresh.

Quick Clean Up Tips for Clutter

This is where my kids come in very handy. They love competition. So, we have pick-up races to see who can pick up the most pieces of items and put them in the right spot the fastest without running. The winner gets a high-five and bragging rights until the next competition.

Are you a “stacker”? You kn0w magazines, books, mail, etc? If so, make those stacks look neat and place a pretty paperweight (or paperweight-like item) on top of them.

Quick Clean Up Tips for the Kitchen

Vinegar is one of my favorite cleaners! It has so many uses and is super affordable! Our microwave sees more than it’s fair share of spills and stains. An easy way to clean is to microwave add a cup of vinegar to a cup of hot water and microwave for ten minutes. I usually let it sit for another 5-10 minutes and then wipe down.

 What quick clean up tips do you use in your home?


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Scrappy Geek

Wednesday 15th of January 2014

Great tips, we keep anti-bacterial wipes on hand for everything! We use the Swiffer duster for dusting - it takes about 10 minutes to zip around the house every other day...


Monday 4th of November 2013

Awesome tips! Thanks! Cleaning has always been not my forte.:)

Arelis Cintron

Monday 4th of November 2013

All Great Tips! What can I throw away/giveaway... I keep a bag for garbage and one for donations. If I know I am not going to use it and I cannot give it away then it goes in the trash. If I don't need it but someone else can use it, it goes in the donation bag.

Adin Blankenship

Sunday 3rd of November 2013

Bins and tons of bins are always useful in my house since I have two wee ones. It is easy to toss their toys or some dirty clothes into a bin. I like using vinegar and baking soda as APC too. Great tips! Even for laundry use vinegar.

Chubskulit Rose

Saturday 2nd of November 2013

I use vinegar a lot in cleaning the kitchen as well.

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