Self-Care: Necessity Not Luxury

Self-Care: Necessity Not Luxury

Shocking, I know. Self-care truly is a necessity, not a luxury. Incorporating it in our daily routines should be a priority, not something we attempt to fit in on occasion.

Let’s be real with ourselves, Divas. Ask yourselves the following:

Are you able to create time for yourself without guilt? Are fun, leisure activities a priority for you? Do you honestly know what your needs are when it comes to self-care? Do you address them? Do you regularly dedicate time to “you time”? Do you see self-care as an indulgence? Honestly, do you feel as though you deserve self-care?

Self-Care Necessity, Not Luxury

If you feel

  • overwhelmed;
  • chronically tired and lethargic;
  • overextended; and
  • stressed consistently; or

If you

  • suffer from headaches;
  • suffer from insomnia;
  • crave and eat junk food (especially when stressed);
  • constantly worry about others and not yourself; and
  • do things you truly do not want to do

… then it may be time to address your self-care routine.

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Self-Care: Necessity Not Luxury

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20+ Reasons Self-Care is A Necessity, not a Luxury

  • The greatest gift you can offer others is providing yourself with the self-care that you deserve. A happy healthy you benefit everyone.
  • Women who practice self-care routines have much healthier and happier marriages as a result of their efforts. It boosts emotional well being.
  • Everyone faces roadblocks to self-care, but are yours the same as everyone else’s? It’s okay to give yourself to permission to rest.
  • We’re all guilty of taking too much on ourselves & being too stubborn to ask for help, but guess what? You can have it all without doing it all.
  • It’s important that you learn to rely on others just as much as they rely on you, it makes for healthier relationships and deeper happiness.
  • Not sure how to ask for help? Don’t leave it too late, be clear about what you need, give them an out, and give back to others when you can.
  • Are you self-aware? Or, have you allowed yourself to grow so out of control you mostly resemble an emotional meltdown? Take a break.
  • Learn from the Book of Toddler 101 & embrace saying no. There’s nothing wrong with managing your life and it’s okay to say no.

Self-Care: Necessity Not Luxury

  • No matter what society tells you… it isn’t wrong to make you your life’s priority, in fact, in doing so you’re giving others the gift of you.
  • A vacation is great, but it won’t help you one bit if you fail to practice self-care on a daily basis, you can’t neglect yourself & undo it.
  • Ask yourself this: why are you guilt-free when you look after everyone else, yet doing simple things for yourself leaves you riddled with it?
  • Perfection is unattainable, so why do you work so hard to achieve it when it’s a total impossibility? It’s time to let yourself off the hook.
  • Create a self-care routine that is unique to you and feeds your needs, wants, and desires. Include it in your schedule so it becomes a habit.
  • It’s okay to have a blank space in your schedule, one where nothing is planned and you simply allow yourself sit, reflect, and breathe.

Self-Care: Necessity Not Luxury

  • Make time for “me time”. You might be your own worst critic, but you can also be the best company you need in life. Hang out with yourself.
  • It’s okay to unplug for a while. Turn off or put away all your devices and shut down your technology and spend some time in quiet reflection.
  • Practice gratitude on a daily basis, whether you record what you’re thankful for in a journal or say it out loud. Acknowledge what you’re grateful for.
  • There really is something to be said for positive thinking, start steering negative thoughts into positive ones and see the difference it can make.
  • Negativity rubs off, so make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive people who build you up instead of tearing you and others down.
  • Proper hydration is vital to your mental & physical health, so make sure you drink plenty of water. Add cucumber, lemon, & mint for flavor.
  • Paying it forward with random acts of kindness doesn’t just leave you feeling great, it gives others around you a firm boost, too.
  • Happiness in life is all about balance. Learn how to balance your work, social life, me time, and all that play. Your health will thank you.
  • I am slowly but surely learning to put myself at the top of my to-do list. Learning to say no has been one of the toughest tasks in practicing self-care. Thanks for sharing this list! So many gems here!

  • Virginia Duan

    “Learn from the Book of Toddler 101 & embrace saying no. There’s nothing wrong with managing your life and it’s okay to say no.”

    LOL!! YES! I totally suffer from FOMO but being busy doesn’t make me happy. Empty space to read or laze about or even to run errands makes me happy.

    Also, never occurred to me that headaches and craving junk food (totally me, lately) may be a sign of needing self-care.

    Thanks for the good word!

    • Being busy absolutely drains me so I’ve learned to start deleting stuff off of the list so I don’t get overwhelmed, cranky and un-Diva-like. Schedule some Virginia time and make sure you’re making healthy choices (less junk food and more healthy stuff and water) to help alleviate those headaches and cravings.

  • Brandi Jeter Riley

    I’m at the point where I need some serious self-care. I’m going to find some time to take off. Thank you for the encouragement. <3

    • Yes! When we work from home with small children it’s so easy to always be “on” – someone or something is constantly demanding our attention. You deserve that down time and it will make for a better Brandi, wife, mom and business owner!

  • Geechie Gurl

    I never imagined that it would be a struggles to rest! One thing I know is I pay attention better to my mind and body saying hey stop for a second. Can’t leave yourself off your checklist.

    • The struggle is so real, Diva! But we realize it’s necessary. You shared a post this summer (I think) that really hit home – you had a lot going on but recognized your body was craving down time – so you took it.

  • Andrea Signor

    Love this! You can’t give from an empty cup and it’s so crucial to remind ourselves that taking that “me” time is benefitting all. 🙂

  • YES! It has taken me too long to understand the necessity of self care. For too many years I put everyone ahead of myself. My health shows that. I love this!!

    • So very true! It took some serious health scares on my part to really have most of this hit home. Thanks for connecting, Whitney!