Nine Ways to Show Your Expertise When First Starting Out

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When you first start out wanting to work from home and start your own business, it can be frightening and even seem impossible.

It’s the old conundrum about how you can get experience without having experience. But, when you start an online business, you can make your own experience and prove your expertise with just a little work, and this is how:

1. Blog Regularly Toward Your Audience –


What New Moms Really Want

Disclaimer: This article on what new moms really want includes a review of a product received free of charge from Hallmark. All content, opinions and information are mine.

2nd Disclaimer: No. We are not expecting.

Ok. We’ve gotten all of that out of the way. I have been that new mom that was overwhelmed, stressed and on the brink of falling apart. Friends and family would visit or call and I am beyond appreciative that they thought about me and wanted to share in our family’s joy and happiness of our newest addition.

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Keep A Positive Workplace Attitude, Even Under Difficult Situations


It’s true; not every career is plain sailing. But then, that is life. Life can throw unexpected curve balls at us. Be that in our daily lives, our work and career, or just in general with friends and family. Sometimes it’s the unexpected moments that can hit us the hardest. Our choice of career, our goals and ambitions are important. We want to succeed and do well.

But what happens when those unexpected things go wrong in our workplace?

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Things Students Need to Know to Produce The Best Quality Work Possible

Things Students Need to Know

Regardless of your area of work, you want the outcome of your efforts to be of the highest quality possible. After all, we strive for success and always want what we produce to be of the highest tier! Whether we’re self-employed, employed or a student, we want to be proud of the fruits of our labor. Higher education is no easy feat. The workload can be heavy, especially during final years as you approach graduation.

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Before You Quit: Steps To Take When Things Go Wrong At Work

Before You Quit 4 Areas to Address

A question I get asked on a regular basis is “How do I leave my full-time job?” I’m an honest, open and real kind of person, so I always let them know “Before you quit, make sure you’re really about this entrepreneur life!” It’s not all sunshine and daisies. There are sacrifices, tears and frustrations a plenty.

Job dissatisfaction is a common conversation. Before you quit, there are steps you can and should take to address them.

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Getting Started With Your Online Business

Blog Your Way To Success

Making a decision to start your own business from home is a big one. So far, you don’t have many overheads, much staff or much rent to pay on a separate business premises, so you can really make a good start on your new company. The thing is, an online business is very similar in set-up that a shop on the high street is. There’s still the same amount of planning, budgeting and funding to do.

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I’m Beautiful – African Beauty Box

I'm Beautiful African Beauty Box

Disclaimer: I received I’m Beautiful, an African Beauty Box, free of charge to share my thoughts with my community. No other compensation has been received or promised.

Earlier this month, the owner of the I’m Beautiful African Beauty Box reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in receiving and reviewing their monthly subscription box.

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