But You’re My Super Hero, Mom

What's Your Super Power

“But You’re My Super Hero, Mom”

These were the words my 4-year-old that almost brought me to tears and melted my heart.

We were having a discussion about super powers while watching cartoons and coloring. She asked me what my super power was and I said, “Mommy doesn’t have any super powers. I’m just regular.”

The look of incredulity that she gave me almost made me laugh but those next 6 words stuck with me for the rest of the evening.

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6 Weird Signs Your Body Needs Water

6 Weird Signs Your Body Needs Water

During the summer, most often we hear the advice to drink as much water as possible, especially when it is extremely hot outside. In fact, the lack of water in the body can lead to a very unpleasant experience. What are the signs showing this issue? Dizziness, headache, fatigue – these are just a few. It is worth being aware of other signs, which actually are not as easy to notice.

6 Signs Your Body Needs Water

You are not sweating enough while working out

During an intense workout,

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So You Want To Help People?

How to Sell to People in the Real World, Not Just Online

If you consider yourself to be a people person, somebody who gets on with all kinds of different people from different backgrounds, then there’s a chance you want to make a difference by helping as many people as you can. Maybe you want to do this in your everyday life. Maybe you want to do this as a career. Whatever you decide, here are some ideas!

Be Kind To All You Meet
It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

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The Scariest Things About Budgeting

4 Common Budgeting Fears Debunked

Budgeting Fears. They are real. Let’s be honest with one another, Divas – We know we should budget, save and pay down debt. BUT.  It can be scary to try and get on top of your finances. It’s much easier to ignore what your bank balance says and get that extra coffee anyway. Or put those bills to the back of the pile. You’re not the only person that’s felt this way before. I promise.


Top Tips For Building A Support Network For Your Startup

Business Tips: Getting The Best Results From Your Staff

More people than ever are starting their own businesses these days, but few will last beyond a year or two. Great ideas will only get you so far, after all – and there are many other things you need for success.

A healthy dose of luck and a lot of hard work are essential, of course. But, you can also go a long way by developing a support network for your startup.

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How Will You Declare Independence In Your Life?

How Will You Declare Independence In Your Life_

Earlier this month I collaborated with 3 dynamic divapreneurs to share our take on ways to declare independence in our lives so we can continue on the path we’re destined to live.

I truly enjoy the Periscope platform – as a viewer and as a broadcaster – because it has allowed me to connect, learn and support so many entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and even those still working out what they want to do with the platform.

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Establishing A Morning Routine for Your Tween

Boost Your Child's Brain Power

Disclosure: This article is a sponsored conversation on establishing a morning routine for your tween on behalf of Tiny Toast Cereal and in partnership with Acorn Influence. I have received compensation for sharing with my community. All words, experiences and opinions are mine.

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about returning to school already. While the official start of school is just about a month away, we know it takes time to establish routines and patterns –

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