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Mother’s Day Gifts: Do It Yourself Ideas For A Pampering Basket

I love giving gifts.  With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I have been reflecting on what to do for my mother and aunts – a group of women who seem to have EVERYTHING. The best thing about them is that they are truly appreciative of anything given to them from the heart. This year I have decided to give each of them pampering baskets with items made by myself and my little ones so they can feel included.

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Inspiring Mom Bloggers: Free Virtual Summit #InspiringMomBloggers

If you follow me via any of my social media outlets, then you may have seen me mention The Inspiring Mom Bloggers Free Virtual Summit.

Blogging has been a way for me to heal and empower others – connecting women and providing a forum to openly share our professional and personal successes and struggles is the premise of Divas With A Purpose. I am honored to have been chosen by the summit host,

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Conversations With My Teen Son #VoicesForOurSons

My oldest son and I were driving together recently and I decided to take advantage of the rare occasion that it was just the two of us, he wasn’t engrossed in a book or video game and he was in a chatty mood.

“Did you all have any discussions in school yesterday about what’s going on in Ferguson?”

“Yes ma’am. We talked about it in a few of my classes. It’s terrible they shot him because he was wearing a hoodie.

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Easy Relaxation Tips for Busy Divas

It’s the first weekend of a new year and this diva is worn out! My kiddos are prepping for back to school and we have done tons of running around during the holidays.

It seems like there is no rest of the weary. And, the weary person is usually us, divas. We often take care of or coordinate all things home and family, but are we making sure we are taking care of us?

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World Prematurity Day 2013

Today is World Prematurity Day – a day when there is focus on the global issue of premature birth.


About World Prematurity Day

What if one day millions of people around the world joined together to show how much they care about protecting the health of babies? That’s the idea behind World Prematurity Day.

I have shared my premature baby’s story and the care my doctors took to ensure that my following births did not follow suit.

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Diva Time: Gender Reveal Party

This weekend a dear friend entrusted me with the task of putting together a gender reveal party. This is totally outside my area of expertise but it was fun to get out of my comfort zone and do something for a wonderful diva!

A gender reveal party is a fun way to get close family and friends together and reveal to them the sex of your family’s newest addition. Typically it is held about 15-20 weeks into a women’s pregnancy.

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Lunchbox Solutions: Feeding My Picky Eaters

School lunches are an event in our household. I deal with two contrasting personalities – my oldest son who is the world’s pickiest eater and my youngest son who can never get full. When this school year began, I quickly realized that the cafeteria lunches would not work for us. They both complained a lot the first week and after speaking with fellow school district employees who religiously took their lunches I decided to follow suit.

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