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Focus on DIVATUDE – Week 1

Happy Friday!!!! Crossing my fingers, but I think this is a weekend that I’ll finally get a chance to just “be”. Nothing very pressing that I have to attend or prepare for. No visitors/guests expected. Just some much-needed and well-deserved time at home with my family on the horizon for the next 48 hours.

This year I want to try something different and have a weekly recap focused on the DIVATUDE theme.

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2012 Reflections…2013 Goals

I have to admit I’m proud of the growth of Divas With A Purpose throughout 2012. I was reviewing some old posts and realized that I did share my social media goals and am fairly satisfied with what was accomplished.  They were:

– to blog on a more consistent basis

– to network with other bloggers and support their blogs more with comments
– to build the Diva Blogging Circle


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A Year of Focus

Two years ago rather than come up with a list of resolutions that I knew I most likely wouldn’t keep I chose a word to be my “theme” for the year – gratitude.
My intention was to have that word be something I worked on regularly and help me stay on track with my goals and purpose.  I’d read about the idea in a novel by Debbi Macomber entitled Thursdays at Eight and really loved how choosing a word for the year impacted the characters. 

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SOCS: Continuing to Grow and Learn

The purpose of Stream of Consciousness writing is to do just that – write. Whatever comes to mind on a particular topic or what’s in your thoughts and perhaps needs to just get out of of you.
Today’s (totally and completely optional) prompt:
What new tricks would you like to learn or have you learned?
I wouldn’t call it a trick, but I’m definitely working more on streamlining my endeavors and focusing on those things that truly bring me joy. 

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No Regrets

Ever had one of those moments that seemed to be a life-changer or shifter? An event in your life you can pinpoint as the moment your life’s direction shifted courses? If you’d made just one different move or decision, it would have totally altered where you’re at right now?

It seems like I have a few of those moments in my life. A question I often here people ask is “what would you change in your life”.

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DWP Rewind: Plan to Succeed

The post I’m sharing with you is an excerpt of a post originally posted in 2010. From time-to-time, previous posts will come to mind or I’ll come across them and say “hmmm” because they are a gentle reminder to me. You can read the post in it’s entirety here, but below is a recap of goal planning and its importance.

To get what you want and need out of life,

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Successful teamwork needs individual efforts

A friend posted this Chinese proverb on his Facebook timeline this morning and it’s been speaking volumes to me today.  I’m involved in quite a few projects this year and at times it can be overwhelming and I’ll be the first to admit that I can have my “moments”.  The projects that are the most successful and prosperous at this time are the ones where the people involved all work together for the common good the best. 

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