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Remembering Why I Do What I Do

Every now and then I have to give myself a reality check. I’ll find myself looking at others and their accomplishments and comparing and contrasting to mine.  Sometimes I get so caught up that I become frustrated with myself because I haven’t done such and such or I haven’t attained xyz – then comes the reality check. I remember why I do what I do.

Remembering Why I Do What I Do

Planning To Succeed Begins with Succeeding to Plan

I’m a list maker. Even in this technological age – there’s a satisfaction with writing down a list, crossing items off and feeling as though I’ve accomplished something.  The same goes with my short and long-term goals. I have written plan of action to help me stay focused and centered on my personal and professional goals.

This written list, also, helps me to realize what’s for me and what isn’t.  While there may be things that I’d like to occur, the key question is whether they will truly help me to get to where I’d like to be.

 Reality Check: Why I Do What I Do

It’s easy to get caught up in other people’s plans, goals and successes. It’s great to celebrate with them and be genuinely happy for their successes. The key is not letting their successes and goals begin to overtake what is for you. Talking with a good friend recently, I had to remind us both that the plans we were making had nothing to do with what we truly wanted to accomplish. As “fun” and, perhaps, profitable as it may have been to go forward with our original plan, doing so would have taken valuable time away from what we truly wanted to accomplish. You have to be willing to step back and evaluate.

Are you willing to lose out temporarily to gain in the long-term?

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Missy Homemaker

Monday 19th of August 2013

My problem with attaining my goals and dreams is that I try to do everything at once. It never works out. I wind up frustrated and discouraged, throwing my hands up in disgust. Blogging has had some of that. Why is she getting more likes than me? Why is it that they have more follows? Why is no one liking my Pinterest page when she has so many? I've learned it all comes in time, and right now I might as well get comfortable with slow growth. I knew it was going to be a long ride to success, so now I've just got to accept it, keep working towards it, and take the steps necessary to get me there. (Found you from the SITS Saturday Sharefest)


Wednesday 14th of August 2013

Comparing hurts both parties. One wins and one loses. If we win then we may think we're better than them and treat them so. If we lose we may think we're worse than them and treat ourselves as if that were true or we may resent our friends. Someone once said we don't have to drink a quart of pickle juice when someone has something good happen to them in any way. I like your last thought, are we trying to do something that is hurting our original goal/dream? I think I'm getting sucked into that a bit. i have these grand ideas of things I'd like to accomplish, but they may be taking me away from my true dream. Great insight and advice, Michelle!


Wednesday 14th of August 2013

I agree, we can't look at what others have achieved. We don't know what blood, sweat & tears they've gone through to reach the level their on. We have to keep pushing until we reach our goals. Great post diva.

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