Transition: A Summer of Change and Growth

Transitioning to a Work From Home Mom

This post on “Transition” is written as part of a collaboration with Jill and Jamie of postmodyrn, an electronic magazine dedicated to the 4th Trimester experience. The 4th trimester? You know those oh-so-exciting first 6 months after you give birth. We were paired to work on a project called coLAB – a collaborative project between three communities: […]

Back To You Challenge

Back To You Challenge | #BackToYou | Divas With A Purpose

Back To You Challenge: A 5-Day Self-Care Challenge for Moms As mothers, we focus on giving and providing to our families and often put ourselves at the very bottom of our to-do lists. You know, below below the bottom line. Many times we do this and do not even recognize it. Quick Challenge: Reflect on […]