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Stay Cool and Healthy

Okay Divas, the temperatures are creeping (well, in some areas shooting) upward and it’s HOT out there and it’s essential that we stay cool and healthy.

Am I the only one ready to scream if I see one more dashboard temperature picture on Facebook or Twitter lamenting on how hot it is??? We know! Sorry…had a moment 🙂

But in all seriousness, the heat is nothing to play with. It’s important for us all to stay cool, stay hydrated and stay indoors as much as possible.

Simple Ways to Stay Cool and Healthy

~~ Eat small meals more often. Your body creates more metabolic heat when digesting larger meals. Foods high in protein, also, create higher metabolic heat

~~Keep your house curtains drawn – especially during the peak heat hours. I’m a huge advocate of blackout curtains!

~~Alcohol dehydrates the body. So, instead of the evening cocktail or glass of wine – reach for water or low-sugar fizzy drinks.

~~Caffeine, also, increases our bodies’ metabolic heat so limit coffee and cola intake.

~~Daydream of snow and cold activities. Research shows our bodies react to these daydreams and reduce our body heat.

~~Cool your pulse point by running cold water over your wrists for about a minute or so once an hour. A main vein passes through this area and this helps to cool the blood.


I can’t stress how important it is to stay hydrated. Most people stay dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Dehydration causes that sluggish feeling that we can’t shake, headaches, difficulty concentrating and so much more. I found this nifty calculator that helps determine how much water you should drink on a daily basis. You can take daily if exercise regimen, alcohol intake, etc fluctuates.

How do you stay cool and hydrated during the hot months?

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Tuesday 25th of June 2013

Hi! coming over from Humble Bumble blog hop! Great points on staying cool. Not sure I could make myself think about the snow and cold (yuk!) no matter how hot hit gets. But water is so very important. There are also apps for keeping track of your water intake. I sometimes use "Hydroid".

Thanks for the suggestions. :)

Michelle Garrett

Sunday 1st of July 2012

I'm getting there! After 3 babies, me and 64 ounces daily can be a bad combo even though it's necessary :)


Saturday 30th of June 2012

Water is 100 percent important especially with the hot weather. I drink at least 64 oz. daily!

Michelle Garrett

Saturday 30th of June 2012

You're welcome!!!

Michelle Garrett

Saturday 30th of June 2012

I do NOT miss the Central Texas summers! Memories of them make the summer here on the East Coast so much more bearable.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.