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My Parenting Playlist for Successful Tween and Teen Communication

Disclaimer: This article is a compensated collaboration with The Mission List.

We have officially entered the tween years with my youngest son. Even though I am well into the teenage years with my 17-year-old, this is a different rodeo. They are two entirely differently beings. Let’s be honest, I am not even the same person I was when my oldest entered this stage. So much has changed in such a short time, but our family’s core values and connections remain the same.

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As with any role in my life, I am open to receiving advice and guidance from those with more experience than me. I’m thankful for resources like the Center for Parent and Teen Communication that provide valuable information to help strengthen family relationships. Thanks to them I was able to put together my own parenting playlist with advice to help navigate the tween years all over again.

Parenting Playlist: Parenting Advice for the Teen Years

My Parenting Playlist

  1. Calm Conversations: I’ve learned that a simple request or correction at the wrong moment can lead to the unleashing of ALL THE EMOTIONS. In that moment, I cannot react or respond to the emotional outbursts. My responsibility is to talk with them in a calm tone. After reading this tip, I realize it is important to engage and ask questions for clarity and understanding.
  2. Best Parenting Style: Lighthouses are a favorite of mine. I love what they stand for – a guiding light for those at sea who are seeking shelter and safety. When thinking of a parenting style, what better style to embrace? My job is not to hover, but to provide stability, guidance and safety.


  3. Teens and Stress: I remember growing up and the adults around me would belittle the emotions and feelings that I had. Often as adults we look back fondly on the days of our childhood with rose-colored glasses and forget that we had things that happening that seriously stressed us out. To ensure that my children become adults who can manage stress in a positive way, it is essential that I show them how to do so at this stage of their lives.
  4. Self Care: This is one of my favorites and I am glad it was included. I am definitely team #SelfCare. It is important to teach my children to not only respect my self-care time but to create their own, as well.
  5. Write Your Teen a Letter: This is one of the action tasks that I implemented and want to build upon and make a regular thing (perhaps quarterly or every six months). The task is to write your tween or teen a letter expressing your confidence in them and the stage of life they are currently in. It is one thing to hear it, but to have the words written to read over in the moments you may need them the most makes a big difference, as well.

It’s your turn. Check out the list and share your favorite piece of advice. We’re in this thing together to raise these amazing beings in our lives.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.