July Journal Prompts

Here is a listing of July journal prompts to incorporate into your journaling projects, live-streams, social media posts and even to spark conversation around the dinner table.

We started our family journaling project in 2017. It is a way to encourage creativity and conversation within our family.

If you have not started a regular routine of connecting with your family and encouraging your children to express themselves, I challenge you to join us. No rules on how to engage – just a daily prompt and a challenge to share your thoughts via words, song, art, or whatever way your heart desires.

July Journal Prompts to use for family and business

July Journal Prompts

  1. It’s Canada Day, what does this bring to mind or write about another important date this month in your country.
  2. What summer plans do you have?
  3. My business goals for July are ______.
  4. My weekly plans for July are _______.
  5. I plan on taking time off this month by ______.
  6. I will hire summer help [home or business] so I can ______.
  7. Birthdays and special dates this month are _______.
  8. Day trips for July include ______.
  9. I will keep my kids/pets busy this month by ______.
  10. Our vacation plans include ______.
  11. July blog posts will be all about ___________ this month.
  12. To free up time I plan to schedule emails by _____.
  13. Foods I would love to Barbecue this month are _____.
  14. My favorite summer flower is _____. 
  15. I plan on eating more fresh fruits & veggies by __________.
  16. I will spend 30 minutes every day this month doing ________.
  17. It’s World Emoji day, draw your favorites.
  18. Local places I would love to visit in July are _______.
  19. It’s get to know my customers day. I will do this by ______.
  20. I won’t break my budget this month. I will plan what to spend money on by ______.
  21. When I sit outside I see _______.
  22. What will you do for Parents Day?
  23. My biggest business/personal fear this month is _______.
  24. Write out 3 ways you can be more productive today ______.
  25. My best business decision this month so far was _______.
  26. Write about the night sky you saw last night as you went to bed.
  27. What ice cream or summer dessert is your favorite?
  28. Start writing out personal or business tasks for August.
  29. The things I love about July are _______.
  30. I will celebrate International Day of Friendship by ________.
  31. I improved my business/life/relationship this month by ______.

31 More July Journal Prompts

  1. List some plans and goals you have for July.
  2. This month is the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Do you have any business plans?
  3. This is the beginning of the Dog Days of Summer, when it gets the hottest. How do you like to cool off?
  4. If you are in the US, today you celebrate Independence Day. What will you do?
  5. What feelings does Independence Day bring up for you?
  6. What are some of your favorite memories about watching fireworks?
  7. How is July going so far for you?
  8. Write a ‘Day in the Life’ journal entry today.
  9. Talk about 3 people you are grateful to have in your life.
  10. July is National Picnic Month – do you enjoy picnics?
  11. Draw a picture of what comes to mind when you think about picnics.
  12. What is your favorite food to bring to picnics? Does this bring up any feelings or emotions?
  13. Talk about some summer jobs you have had in the past.
  14. Find something creative to do this July, or during the Summer.
  15. What is your favorite thing to do in July?
  16. It is now the middle of the month – how are you feeling so far?
  17. Go outside today. Where are you going, and what will you do?
  18. What is one thing you have always wanted to do, but haven’t yet? What is holding you back?
  19. At the end of the day, draw a picture about what you did or how you felt.
  20. When you have a sad day, what do you do that helps you feel better? Do you feel that is a healthy or unhealthy way to cope?
  21. Talk about your summer breaks as a young child.
  22. How did summer break change when you became a teenager?
  23. What is your stress level today? If you are stressed, do you know why?
  24. Talk about a vivid childhood summer memory you have.
  25. What is your current daily routine? Are there some improvements you could make?
  26. What has been your favorite summer vacation so far?
  27. Talk about something that scares you.
  28. How have you been practicing self-care this month?
  29. Pick one emotion and write a journal entry about it.
  30. It is the International Day of Friendship. Talk about the friends you are closest to in this phase of your life.
  31. Write about how your July has gone so far.

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