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A Year of Focus

Two years ago rather than come up with a list of resolutions that I knew I most likely wouldn’t keep I chose a word to be my “theme” for the year – gratitude. My intention was to have that word be something I worked on regularly and help me stay on track with my goals …

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No Regrets

Ever had one of those moments that seemed to be a life-changer or shifter? An event in your life you can pinpoint as the moment your life’s direction shifted courses? If you’d made just one different move or decision, it would have totally altered where you’re at right now? It seems like I have a …

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Plan to Succeed

Growing up, I didn’t realize it, but my mother was planting seeds to help me plan to succeed in life. Even though, I didn’t take the route my parents had mapped up for me, the tools and resources that they provided me are a part of my road-map to success. “For I know the plans …

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