Fall Fashion Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs

My Work From Home Fashion

 This post on my Work From Home Fashion style is NOT a sponsored post. The items featured were purchased and there was no expectation of a formal review or feature.

Ready or not fall is here! Honestly speaking, here in the South that really is not a big deal until the end of October most years. However, I am excited about sweater and boots season making its way here, eventually.

Working from home full-time, it is important to me that I get dressed each day. It helps me to be more productive and ensures I am ready for impromptu meetings or conference calls. Also, it helps with my family’s perception that mom is working not just “at home on the computer all day”.

Work From Home Fashion Style

This year I already have quite a bit of travel scheduled for conferences and local training sessions for the fourth quarter. Also, as a live-streamer on Periscope and Facebook I am visible to my community on an almost daily basis. It’s important to me to look professional and be comfortable.

When looking to put together my wardrobe, I wanted items that were versatile and stylish. I, also, wanted to support a fellow female entrepreneur. Enter LuLaRoe Martin Party. My friend Amiyrah Martin and her husband Brandon are  independent retailers with LuLaRoe. Their Columbus, Ohio-based business, LuLaRoe Martin Party, provides boutique clothing that is stylish, comfortable, and affordable. Seriously Divas – their ain’t no party like a Martin Party! These two have amazing chemistry and have cultivated a community of customers because of their out-of-the-box ideas, engaging live parties and genuine sincerity for giving back to others.

I recently asked Amiyrah why her family chose to become LuLaRoe distributors:

“We chose LuLaRoe for our family because it is a business that every family member can participate in. It’s a real business, that requires lots of work, service and dedication to others. Our children are watching their parents build a franchise, right at home. It’s been an amazing journey.”

How awesome is that! I love that they view it as a business every family member can participate in. That completely aligns with what I do with my business – my children are a part of the empire that I am creating from my living room.

Work From Home Fashion wearing the LulaRoe Perfect T

Simple and Stylish is a must

For me it’s important to keep my wardrobe simple. My days can vary greatly – volunteering at my children’s school, face-to-face meetings, video conference calls, networking events, and more. Tops that can be paired with jeans, slacks and skirts are a must. The LuLaRoe Irma is one of my favorite tops. A tunic with mid-length fitted sleeves that can easily be paired with my favorite blue jeans, leggings or a skirt. I prefer solid color tops in bright and vibrant colors that are easier to mix and match.

Work From Home Fashion wearing the Lula Roe Perfect T and LulaRoe Maxi Skirt

Have a favorite staple piece

The LuLaRoe maxi skirt is hands down one of my favorite articles of clothing. With my height and shape it’s often difficult to find skirts that fit and flow the way that I like them. These skirts have the perfect length and accentuate my shape while not being too tight and clingy.

This outfit is perfect for lunch meetings, presentations and for travel. When traveling, I try to pack as light as possible. Having pieces that are easily interchangeable makes my life so much easier. With a change of accessories or by adding a layering piece – like the LuLaRoe Lindsay – I can be stylish and, hopefully, pack all my items in a carry on.

Fall Fashion Style for Female EntrepreneursWork From Home Fashion wearing the Lula Roe Perfect T, LulaRoe Maxi Skirt and LulaRoe Lindsay

Have items you can easily dress up or down

Amiyrah’s Fashion Pick: “If I had to pick one LuLaRoe item, which is extremely hard to do, I’d have to go with the Amelia dress. It can be dressed up and down, goes well with boots, booties and slip-on shoes, and it has pockets. Pockets, people!”

I do have an Amelia and cannot wait until boot and leggings season to get here so I can style it the way I intended when I purchased it. Be on the lookout for that share on Instagram.

Incorporate items that coordinate and compliment

The great thing about the coordinating outfits within my fall fashion wardrobe is that Amiyrah and Brandon took the time to coordinate pieces that they knew I would love! That’s one of the great benefits of supporting a small, family-owned business.

Fall Fashion Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs

As a full-time entrepreneur, my appearance is important. I have to be visible and reflect the standards of my business whether on camera or in-person.