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My Simple Productivity Tip as a Work From Home Mom

Disclaimer: This post sharing my simple productivity tip as a work from home mom contains information on a product that I received free of charge in exchange for a review and includes affiliate links.

Hard to believe that it has been over a year since I made the transition to working for myself full-time. It has been full of many lessons and moments of clarity.

There’s been one “ah-ha” moment that has served me well the past few months.

sonicBLEND Simple Productivity Tip

Put your game face on.

Besides getting dressed each morning, I have, also, begun putting on a basic face each morning. It’s amazing the difference some foundation, a bit of blush and some lipstick will make.

So here’s the thing – I am so not a make-up Diva. At all. One of my good friends is an amazing make-up artist and has been working with me and motivating me to do better.

My Simple Productivity Tip as a Work From Home Mom

Why is this important to me? Part of growing my business and brand includes face-to-face and virtual meetings and live videos. I feel more confident and find myself willing to jump on a Periscope or Facebook live when I’m already put together – dressed, hair done and make-up done. One of the biggest shifts for me within my business was when I started treating myself as the CEO I wanted to be versus a blogger working from home with my little diva.

So the biggest hindrance for me was HOW to do a basic face. I got the brushes, the products and I just could not get the finished look that I loved.

Y’all. That ALL change when I got my hands on the sonicBLEND Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush from Michael Todd Beauty. I’m in make-up heaven! This brush is amazing. I was able to quickly apply my foundation and blush in less than 5 minutes – yes! You can see in the video below that it, also, works great for contouring. I just haven’t mastered that yet.

Another great plus? It has built in protection against contamination so it stays cleaner and fresher longer.

What’s better than a cleaner, fresher make-up brush? Healthier skin! With sonic speeds of up to 200 times a minute clogged pores are minimized. Definitely a big win!

For more information about this amazing beauty tool – head to the Michael Todd Beauty website.

Click here to purchase on Amazon. (affiliate link)

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Genuine Jobs

Tuesday 30th of August 2016

Great advice! The way we look can definitely affect the way we feel. so why don't look the prettiest possible?

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