Seaside Hearts by Melisssa Foster

I received a free copy of Seaside Hearts written by Melissa Foster to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours. No other financial compensation was received and, as always, all opinions shared are 100% mine.  


The newest addition to the LOVE IN BLOOM series, featuring a group of fun, sexy, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages.

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#GiftGuide: Happy Owl’idays Greeting Cards #Giveaway

I love receiving and sending holiday greeting cards. How about you?

In today’s day and age, life gets busy and we get caught up in home life, our work schedules and everything else pulling at our attention.  Time is passing by and before we know it, it has been months (or longer) since we’ve spoken to some of family and friends.  I love using holiday cards to reconnect. There’s something extra personal about taking the time to write a few lines in a pretty card.

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Steps To Self-Confidence

I am one awesome Diva…and so are you!

To some that might come across as very self-centered sounding.

I’m okay with that.

There was a time in my life that I could barely look at myself in the mirror, let alone recognize and celebrate the greatness I had within me.

So I’m okay with knowing and believing that I am one great driven, inspiring, victorious and called to action Diva –

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#GiftGuide: Reusable Chilling Stones

Confession – I enjoy iced tea but don’t like ice.

One of my biggest pet peeves is a watered down drink because my ice has melted. I will drink barely cold soda or tea before putting ice in it.

My solution? These oh-so-divalicious reusable chilling stones that were recently sent to me. They’re made from food grade stainless steel and guaranteed never to rust or wear over time –

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10 Tips for Growing Your Social Media Following

Do you sometimes feel you are having a one-sided conversation on your social media pages?

Are you building a community within your social media supporters?

Are you regularly engaging and sharing with them?

As you know, having engaged followers on social media is an important indicator of your influence. It’s a good way to get the social proof you need to sell your products, services and ideas. But you don’t want just any followers – you want a lot of targeted followers who are willing to engage with you and answer your calls to action.

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#GiftGuide: Wine Club from #Uncorked Ventures

Do you have a wine lover on your holiday shopping list?

A wine gift that will truly have lasting impact is that of a wine club membership. A wine club sends one or more bottles of wine to the members monthly.  A wine club membership will often allow special discount pricing to their members and other perks of membership.

A wine club membership would be a perfect gift for the novice wine enthusiast.

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#BudgetingDivas: Creating An Effective Budget

Are you broke?

While it’s not one of my favorite words, it’s one that many use to describe their financial outlook and, honestly, often it is tied to a “brokenness” in other areas of their lives as well.

Years ago I stopped using the term “broke” but that does not mean there have not been some seriously lean days in our budget.  It took some creative accounting on our part some days,

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