Date Night For Less Than $20

My husband and I recently had a rare weekday date night and it cost us less than $20!

Are we connected on Instagram? I added photos throughout the night (well…most came after we got back home so I wasn’t distracted by social media during our dinner conversation).

Ruby Tuesday is running a promotion through September 9th – purchase 1 meal and get another at 50% off! 

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10 Home Decorating Ideas To Quickly Update Any Room

Hi Divas! Along with great home decorating ideas, this post, also, contains sponsored content. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

Not all home decorating ideas require a heavy investment of time and money. If you’re looking for a few affordable home interior decorating ideas to freshen up a room over a weekend, try these ten:

1. Rearrange The Furniture: Pull your furniture away from the walls.

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Five Easy Steps to Staying Motivated

Motivating yourself to excel at your job or to be an example to your employees, should not be something you do once every blue moon.  It’s an ongoing process that should include every facet of your business life. This means your mental attitude, physical well-being and appearance, work atmosphere, your interaction with others (clients and employees alike), and your off-the-job environment.

Motivational experts get paid big bucks to tell professionals, striving for success,


Superior Source Vitamins Review & Giveaway

I recently received a Vacation Travel Family Pack from Superior Source Vitamins to review.

Between back-to-school and cold and flu season being right around the corner, I try to be proactive with my family and keep vitamins and supplements on hand.

I try not to use over-the-counter medicines unless absolutely necessary and with the consultation of my pediatrician and family doctor, know which vitamins and supplements they recommend for each member of my family.

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International Women’s Friendship Month

September is International Women’s Friendship Month. Each year, Divas With A Purpose joins in the celebration as one of our core focuses is fostering positive and uplifting relationships among women.

International Women’s Friendship Month was started in 1999 by the Kappa Delta Sorority to remind women of the important role that our women friend play in our lives. Those relationships can truly sustain and empower us throughout our lives.

Throughout the year,

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#BudgetingDivas: Priorities Bring Focus to Family Budgeting

Often times, the family budget is a source of conflict. Most of the time, the major earner makes the final financial decision, which isn’t always a welcome deal for the rest. Since money is such an intrinsic part of family life, families need to achieve accord in this aspect. There is a four-step cycle in budgeting the family money to maintain peace and harmony.

1. Set your priorities.

Priorities are different from goals.

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#Ozeri Scale Review: Our Family Fitness Challenge

My husband and I enjoy friendly competition. Recently, we began a fitness challenge (inspired by fellow blogger I’m Not The Nanny – thanks Diva!) and have been goading encouraging each other along. While he’s looking to lose a few pounds, my biggest motivation is getting healthier overall and being a positive influence on our children.

Of course, with any competition there has to be some sort of measurement.

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