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The Importance of Me Time

Married life, children, a career, community service…that’s just the beginning of the list of responsibilities that I have. At some point not too long after my youngest son was born I realized I was just floating along. I was unhappy. I was doing “things” but nothing that truly brought me joy or a sense of purpose. I felt ashamed to admit it because I had a beautiful family, a great job and all the things that seemingly should have made me happy and fulfilled.

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Best Bladder Help for Moms Who Experience Bladder Leaks

Disclosure: This article on the best bladder help for moms who experience bladder leaks is written in partnership with Always Discreet.

This summer, my children and I are hitting the highway to explore the great sights around our state. We’ve visited the oldest oak tree in the United States. We are excited to see our first waterfall in person and even visit a UFO Welcome Center. Divas, can we be real with one another?

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My Reality: Letting Go and Holding On

It’s taken me some time to write these words.

To process them not only in my mind, but in my heart.

My teenage son recently asked what for most would seem like an innocent, normal question.

“Momma, can I walk with my friends to the next neighborhood over?”

Already knowing I would hesitate and most likely respond with a “Not today”, our next door neighbor jumped in with “Mrs.

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The Power of Self-Love

Watching my daughter has taught me so much about the power of self-love.

We’re all brought into this world filled with love and joy. At some point, something happens that causes things to shift in our world to make us believe we are not worthy. That realization helps me to watch my words and actions and shower my children with love and positive words and affirmations daily so they’ll always know and believe how great they are –

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New Moms: Coping After Childbirth

A lot of people forget how traumatic childbirth can be to the body. After all, while it’s the most natural thing in the world, the aftermath can be painful for the new mom. And if you have had a c-section, it can take even longer to recuperate before you are back on your feet. All the while, you have a newborn baby to look after! Therefore, a lot of moms struggle to cope in the first few weeks.

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Full-Time Mom and Work – Finding Balance

Whether you work or stay home, being a mom is a full-time position that requires much overtime. You never stop putting your children’s well being first.

But is it possible to do both?

Finding Balance As A Working Mom

Well, there are plenty of inspirational women out there, that are succeeding and here is their advice:

Working part time

Mary,  from Michigan, says that for her,

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Confidence Regained

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post about Poise Impressa and why I #TrustImpressa, but all opinions are my own.

Sometimes you don’t realize it is the simplest changes that can make the biggest difference in your life.

After 3 children, there were just some things I was used to and accepted with my body.

Who am I kidding, I accepted the change after my 2nd kiddo who I truly believe was nestled in my bladder for the 35 weeks he grew and thrived in my body.

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