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Create A Little Outdoor Haven You Will Love

As the seasons turn and change a great barometer to watch is the garden. It can be fun to notice the changes. This time of year is always good for planning and with Spring on the horizon, why not plan how you can make the most of your garden this year? A great project that will not break the bank is creating a little outdoor haven for you to enjoy, either as a secret retreat or with the family.

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Baking and A Walk Down Memory Lane

I baked a cake today.

That may seem to be very trivial and unnecessary information … but it isn’t.

Bare with me.

The kitchen intimidates me. I stay as far away from it as possible. My family gets home-cooked meals, but they are typically quick and easy dishes that get me away from the stove as quickly as possible. That has been my way of life for as long as I can remember.

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5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy Furniture

Updating your home is quite important now that the summer and autumn have turned into winter. Winter makes a massive difference to your home, which is why it is important to keep things fresh and exciting. One way to keep your house looking its best is to invest in new furniture. Furniture is the focal point of every room and plays a massive part in your home’s interior design, so it is bound to make a difference.

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Easy Peasy Cookies Supreme #HousefulOfCookies

What better way to kick of the holiday season than with a batch of homemade cookies, right?

I’ve shared before that the kitchen and I have a love-hate relationship. We’re growing on each other slowly but surely. And my friend Natasha of Houseful of Nicholes always seems to come up with ways to get us to bond.

She’s hosting 12 Days of Cookies and told asked me to participate.

10 house cleaning tricks that save money, time and effort | Guest Post

It seems that keeping a clean house (especially with toddlers, tweens, teens and every age in between) takes quite a bit of time and energy for many of us. The only problem is that the time is usually never enough, so the only thing we can do is to find useful tricks that will allow us to take care of our cleaning chores promptly and effectively. The good organisation is of main importance, in case we truly want to maintain our properties in good condition.

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Summer Entertaining Essentials #TweetFromTheSeat #IC #ad

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Charmin. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All content and thoughts are my own”.

Our Summer Family Cookout is the highlight of my summer entertaining. Each July, my family hosts my DIVA crew and our families at our home. 5 DIVAs, our Significant Others, and up to 16 children –

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Things to Think About And Do Before Getting Married

Recently an old friend asked me what were some things she should think about and do before getting married.  She thinks her long-term boyfriend is preparing to ask THE question. Her biggest fear is not a lack of trust or love – it is a lack of positive relationship role models in her life. She comes from a family that has a history of divorces, settling, adulterous relationships and just plain unhappy couples.

While I do not consider myself a “veteran”

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