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3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Child’s Brain Power

As moms, we are always trying to guide our kids to do the best they can at school. For one thing, you need to ensure they have a good night’s rest. That way, they will head to school ready to learn for the day. And you need to check they have completed their homework. After all, you want them to get good grades in their subjects. There are some things you can do as part of their morning routine to boost their learning at school.

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Lessons On Courage From The Playground

Last week my children were on Spring Break and I, for the most part, took the week off to spend time with them and enjoy some down-time in my hometown of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina – which is right outside of Charleston.

When I go home, it’s usually for a specific occasion or just for some down time at my parents’ house. My Daddy loves to cook and, to be honest, there’s no restaurant in town that I’d rather eat at than Daddy’s Down Home Cooking Cafe’

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The Mom’s Guide To Treating Common Kid’s Health Problems

For us moms, one of our biggest fears is something bad happening to our children. We worry about them constantly and dread the day that they hurt themselves or become unwell. As parents, worrying is a big part of the job, especially when your kids are young.

While it’s natural to worry about your children, sometimes when they have small medical issues, we panic. While our minds tell us not to worry, our hearts are racing in fear that maybe there is more to the problem than meets the eye.

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4 Lessons Learned From My 4-Year-Old Daughter

Four years ago I was preparing to bring my daughter home from the hospital.

I’ll be honest, the years have gone by quickly. It has been amazing to watch her personality blossom and grow. To see her find and secure her place in our family as the youngest child but the ringleader. Her big brothers dote on her, but she is quick to remind them that she is a “big girl” and can hold her own when it comes to running,

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Affordable Spring Fashions With Totspot, The Resale Shopping App

I’m excited to share with you all how you can get affordable spring and summer fashions using Totspot – a resale shopping app. Thank you Totspot for the opportunity to use and review your application. As always, even though financial compensation / reimbursement may have been received I only share products and services I truly believe in and have used myself.

My youngest two children are growing like weeds! I know that’s to be expected with little ones,

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10 Phone Rules for Kids

Parenting is hard nowadays. Kids as young as four beg their parents for a cell phone. By the time middle school hits, they’re devastated that most of their friends already have one and they don’t. If the time has come and you’re giving into the kid cell phone epidemic, prepare to set some rules to keep your child safe.

Rule #1: Do not send any text or images you wouldn’t want your parents to see.

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Kids and Money

Today’s topic for Financial Literacy Month 2014: Your Finances from A to Z is Kids and Money.

For the month of April, we will be bringing you daily posts centered on our personal finances – saving, making and managing our money.

To discuss today’s topic, we have guest blogger, Rae, from Quarter Life Cents.

Anyone who is attempting to teach their children to have a great relationship with money is in luck – kids are like sponges and are retaining everything you tell them!

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