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4 Lessons Learned From My 4-Year-Old Daughter

Four years ago I was preparing to bring my daughter home from the hospital.

I’ll be honest, the years have gone by quickly. It has been amazing to watch her personality blossom and grow. To see her find and secure her place in our family as the youngest child but the ringleader. Her big brothers dote on her, but she is quick to remind them that she is a “big girl” and can hold her own when it comes to running, wrestling and tumbling around with them.

Never one to be left behind, she learned her letters and numerous sight words by watching and mimic-ing her big brother as he navigated kindergarten and first grade.

I often watch her and am amazed at her antics and her “sugar and spice” antics that encompass her complex personality.
4 Lessons Learned From My 4 Year Old Daughter

While reflecting on the past four years she has been a part of my life, there are four life lessons my little Diva has reinforced and embodies on a regular basis.

4 Lessons Learned From My Daughter

Lesson 1: Choose Who You Let Into Your Circle Wisely

My daughter was not one of those babies that would laugh, smile, and coo at you. It took her time to warm up to you. If she is comfortable with you, you’ll receive a huge smile and if you’re really awesome in her world – a hug. No kisses though. Those are very rarely doled out and she saves them for very special occasions. It is part of her personality and we accept and respect that. She is kind and gracious, but you won’t get lots of mush from her.

Lesson 2: Dole Out Compliments Often and With Love

While she isn’t the most lovey dovey Diva when it comes to hugs and kisses, she coined the phrase “you’re the best mom ever!” in our household and it isn’t just used when she wants something. Make a dish that she loves – “You’re the best mom ever!”. Come home from work looking like I need a hug? A great big hug, smile and “You’re the best mom ever!”. Of course, I’m not the only one receiving these compliments, she is the cheerleader in our household. We can always count on her to cheer, encourage and support enthusiastically and energetically.

Lesson 3: Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

So it is common knowledge in our household that there is one person’s opinion you do NOT ask unless you want the unfiltered and unadulterated truth. Yep – the youngest member of our home. She’s never mean or ugly, but she is very direct, straight-to-the-point and unfiltered. (I swear I have no idea where she got that from!) I admit, I admire her bluntness. We’re wired to cushion the truth and often shy away from just saying what we want to say. It is refreshing to hear the truth and nothing but the truth.

Lesson 4: Let It Go And Sing Often and Loudly

Thanks to Elsa and Anna – this song was and still is on repeat in our home and car! My daughter is known to just break out in song and belt out the chorus to her favorite song. But let’s be real, it’s definitely advice many adults need to grasp hold of. Just let it go! Whatever your “it” is that is holding you back and keeping you from growing, moving forward and being awesome. And sing – as often and loudly as you can, because it just feels great to do so.

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Kenya G. Johnson

Tuesday 20th of October 2015

This is sweet - and so true on the lessons. My 10 yo doesn’t hold his opinion back either whether he’s asked for his two cents or not.

A. Blake

Wednesday 14th of October 2015

Cherish these moments because time flies by too quickly...I remember when my sons were four, they are now 19 and 23 - where did the time go?

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