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The Only Hair Barrette All Little Girls Need

Let’s talk about the only hair barrette all little girls need to have. Yes, the ONLY one.

Thankfully these were created when my daughter was young enough to benefit from them and they are the only hair barrette we have used in her hair.

Purple GabbyBows the only hair barrette little girls need

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Yes, The ONLY hair barrette you’ll need to purchase

If you have not heard of GabbyBows: The Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette you are seriously missing out. This barrette is dual-sided and wraps around the end of your child’s hair. It “snaps” on both sides and TA-DA stays put. Gone are the days of constantly losing hair barrettes and making numerous trips to the store for replacements.


Created by Gabby and Rozalynn Goodwin, GabbyBows is based out of Columbia, South Carolina. Rozalynn, Gabby’s mother, has shared that their invention came from the persistence of her daughter who wanted a barrette that she would not lose.

Let's talk about THE ONLY hair barrette that all little girls need. Created by a mom-daughter duo, this invention ensures that you have no more lost bows.

5 star reviews from moms!

“Absolutely amazing. My two year old pulls everything out of her hair. Your bows actually last a whole day in her hair. Thanks for you amazing product!

“I love these barrettes! They are so cute! We get so many compliments! We haven’t lost one!

“We absolutely love Gabby bows! [My daughter] loves the different colors and sounds they make in her hair. As a parent I love that they don’t get lost. The hand written thank you card was a special touch of love. Thank you from happy customers.”

“I am obsessed with these barrettes! Now I can style my daughter’s hair and not worry about what she will look like when I pick her up from daycare. Also my daughter’s hair is very soft and still these barrettes stay In place! This product is great for all hair types and styles! The customer service is amazing also!”

“I absolutely love these barrettes!!!! I have had these Gabby Bows in my daughter’s hair for two weeks now and she hasn’t lost any of them!!! She pulls and tugs on her hair when she gets frustrated but she is no match for the Gabby bows! Can’t wait to buy more!”

My daughter wearing GaBBYBows - the only barrette you need for little one.

Where can I purchase GaBBYBows?

GabbyBows can be purchased from the GaBBYBows website, through members of the Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy, Amazon, in 74 Target stores in 22 states and on Target’s website.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.