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Teaching Kids To Save

Teaching Kids To Save By Setting Goals

My kids love to spend money. More importantly they love to spend my money. Money management is a skill that is definitely high on our list of priorities. I believe teaching my kids about saving is an essential life skill that should be taught as early as possible.

Recently my 11-year-old announced that he was getting a car when he turned 17. Really? Intrigued, I asked him how he planned on getting said car and he replied that he was going to save up for it.

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Focus on Divatude – Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of my Divatude Check-In!

What was my driving force this week?
Peace and order within my personal and professional world. My word for the year is FOCUS and I spent some time this week putting some serious thought into my priorities and what I need to give more and less attention to. Setting priorities and specific goals for the next 30 days specific to creating order within my world was essential.

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January 2013 Recap

Hard to believe it’s already the end of January!
Many started off the month with goals and resolutions – a renewed resolve to do more and be more. Where are we now? Are you still focused and energized? I truly hope so.  Did you slack off some? Get a little discouraged or face disappointments? I know I did and have – but use those moments to keep pressing forward and motivation to succeed.



January has been quite busy and fulfilling:
We kicked off 2013 introducing The Divatude Challenge

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Focus on Divatude – Week 3

When you begin holding yourself accountable (especially in a public forum) it makes you really evaluate what you do and how your actions impact your goals – both long and short-term.  My intent with these weekly check-ins is to keep my goals front and center within my daily tasks and encourage and motivate myself and others along the way.

What was my driving force this week?
Another busy week of rushing,

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Divatude Challenge 2013: Graduate with a Purpose

Welcome to The Divatude Challenge 2013!

Throughout the year we will be following some awesome divas as they focus on taking their divatude to the next level in the personal and/or professional lives.

They have agreed to share their goals and progress with us as a way of staying accountable and inspiring others through their journey.

Today I’d like to introduce you all to our first brave diva,

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Focus on DIVATUDE – Week 2

Heeeyyyy Divas 🙂 

I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! Time for my weekly check-in and reflections…accountability can be a beast at times, but it keeps me focuses and balanced.

What was my driving force this week?
If you can’t fix it, let it go and keep pressing forward.  With my focus on “focusing” this year, I’m learning to become more aware of those things that I have no control over and acknowledging what will be will be.  

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Focusing on Small Steps

Courtesy of Melanie @ Only A Breath


This week I have to admit was one of those weeks that seriously tested my focus and dedication to making a true change. I shouldn’t be surprised, really. That’s typically what seems to happen when you make a conscious decision to walk a different path.

What I learned this week is that I need to have my goals front and center in my mind and environment.

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