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Review: Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

Renée Peterson Trudeau’s Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life is jam-packed filled with tidbits, exercises, journaling prompts, thought-provoking questions to help us find peace and focus throughout our daily interaction with our families.  Our immediate family has such a lasting impact on our lives and personalities – it shapes who we are, how we react to situations, whom we marry, how we raise our own children and so much more.  

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Focus on Divatude – Week 8

Welcome to my weekly check-in post where we focus on the main aspects of DIVATUDE – driven, inspiring, victorious and called-to-action.  Feel free to chime in below in the comments with your successes and motivation from the past week.

What was my driving force this week?

Organization and de-cluttering – both physically, mentally and emotionally. I like holding on to “stuff”. I’m learning to let go and clean out the things that I no longer have a need for.

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February 2013 Recap

Happy March-Eve, Divas! Another month is coming to an end and it’s been one packed with all kinds of awesomeness!

We kicked off the month of love celebrating some awesome divas … OURSELVES! I challenged us all to celebrate the wonderful diva we see in the mirror each day; work on our positive self-talk and be specific with the reasons why we’re so awesome. How did you do?

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Focus on Divatude: Week 7

Hello Divas! Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! Welcome to this week’s Focus on Divatude check-in!

What was my driving force this week?

Patience and understanding. I’ll be honest – patience is definitely not a virtue of mine. Between my family, friends and life experiences, I’m learning to slow down and wait or just sit and be quiet. Sometimes it’s easier than others. I’m definitely still a work in progress.

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The Divatude Challenge 2013: Welcome Janeane

Happy Monday Divas!!! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Today, I’d like to introduce you all to our next participant in The Divatude Challenge 2013! In her words, Janeane lays out her goals for the upcoming year:

 describe myself as a Superwoman, aka a wife and mother of four.   I created the blog Janeane’s World   in order to share the thoughts, 

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The Divatude Challenge 2013: Welcome Whitney

I’m excited to introduce you all two the 2nd participant in The Divatude Challenge 2013! Whitney blogs over at Cafe Mocha Reflections and has become a great blogger friend and inspiration over the past year. Whitney’s professional goals this year are focused on building her blog’s brand and building her direct sales businesses.

I’m a huge proponent of direct sales companies as many of them are women owned and pave the way for entrepreneurship by giving you an affordable way to build capital,

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Focus on Divatude – Week 5

I contemplated moving my weekly goals focus to a monthly goals focus. Seriously thought about it, had the blog post written (in my mind) with my explanations and reasonings. I sat down to write it out and BAM! I realized what I was doing…procrastinating, short-changing myself and my goals, and attempting to bury my head in the sand.

Accountability is Hard … Really Hard at Times…But Necessary

When your goals are front and center on a regular basis,

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