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Be a #VolunteerSuperhero

Disclaimer: This article on the importance of being a Volunteer Superhero is a compensated collaboration with The Mission List and Reward Volunteers. 

Volunteering was something I was introduced to at an early age. My church youth group would spend time each month giving back to our communities – feeding the homeless; spending time at a local senior citizen home that many of our older members resided in; working in our Mission House;

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Invest In Childhood and See The Future Unfold

I am writing this article in partnership with Save The Children to bring awareness to their Invest In Childhood initiative which seeks to raise the awareness of consumers in the United States of the early learning deficit that children living in poverty experience. Once you’re done reading this article, make sure you head to our Facebook page to enter our giveaway for a tote of books for a special child in your life. Click here to enter.

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Businesses Looking for Ways to Give Back and Increase Profits

The idea of companies and businesses giving back to the community was almost laughable at one point in time. Microsoft founder Bill Gates changed all that when he launched the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, which makes donations to those in need every year. Though Gates clearly doesn’t need help when it comes to increasing his profits, he found that his charitable actions helped give him a better reputation. Now, many business owners such as Wesley Edens use charitable donations and actions as a way to increase their community presence and help those less fortunate.

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9 Ways that Giving Back Helps You

Of all the trends sweeping the country, giving back is possibly the very best one. Individuals, families, schools, non-profit programs, organizations like the Bob Parsons’ foundation, and entire communities are jumping on the do-gooder wagon.

From spending hours volunteering to simply writing a check and sending it off in the mail, there are a host of ways to contribute. Aside from doing good for others, giving back also benefits the self.

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300+ Volunteer Opportunities for Teenagers

Volunteer Opportunities for Teenagers:
300+ Ways for Your Teenager to Give Back

Encouraging and teaching my teen son to give back to our community is a priority for me. We live in a society that seems to focus on material items – having more, getting more and being more. As we prepare for high school next year, reality is setting in that before I know it my “baby” will be leaving the nest.

FACT: According to the U.S.

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The Importance Of Family Emergency Plans #GetReady

Twenty-five years ago, Hurricane Hugo made landfall at Charleston, South Carolina as a Category 4 Hurricane. Hugo left 60,000 people in the state homeless, 270,000 temporarily unemployed and 54,000 residents seeking disaster assistance. Many were without power for two weeks or more.

I remember going to bed the night before the storm hit. My mother, a Registered Nurse, was working the night shift and it was just us girls and my Daddy. He’s a worrier and light-sleeper.

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Simple Ways To #Motivate Young Children #FindTheWords

As the school year begins, too many children are already falling behind. I am 1 of 30 bloggers helping #FindtheWords with @SavetheChildren to raise awareness of the need for early childhood education for all kids. I am participating in this social media campaign to highlight 30 words in 30 days — to symbolize the 30 million fewer words that children from low-income homes hear by age 3.

Save the Children provides kids in need with access to books,

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