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How Will You Declare Independence In Your Life?

Earlier this month I collaborated with 3 dynamic divapreneurs to share our take on ways to declare independence in our lives so we can continue on the path we’re destined to live.

I truly enjoy the Periscope platform – as a viewer and as a broadcaster – because it has allowed me to connect, learn and support so many entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, and even those still working out what they want to do with the platform.

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What Does Success Look Like To You?

I have a straight to the point question for you today: What does success look like to you? If you had to visualize your ideal lifestyle, what would it entail? Many of us want “it” but do we know exactly what that “it” is that we’re striving for? Or are we hoping we can recognize “it” when “it” arrives?

Before we can start our journey to success, it’s essential that we have an idea of what the success we are striving for looks like.

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Beauty In Action: Inside Out Beauty #BIAJourney #spon

Heads up, Divas – I am a Niche Parent Network & Conference influencer and received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own and the message in this post is one that I’ve shared numerous times before here and on Divas With A Purpose’s social media pages.

“You’ve got that divatude from the inside out…not the outside in…the wonderful beautiful person that you are on the inside is what enhances the outer beauty you have!

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4 Ways To Lead By Example

I remember growing up, as the oldest I was constantly admonished to lead by example.  As a parent, I often impart these same words on my children and younger cousins.

Have you ever noticed an individual who just simply commands attention or, better yet, one who can persuade anyone to do what he or she may ask? Some individuals are just born natural leaders while others struggle seriously in this department.  Being someone that can effectively lead by example encompasses many different skills. 

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Traits of A Successful Mompreneur

Mompreneur – a diva who is actively balancing the roles of mother and entrepreneur.

Business Among Moms and Baby Burp are on a mission to have today, January 2nd, recognized as National Mompreneur’s Day by the Chase 2015 Calendar.

The word “Mompreneur” was coined by Patricia Cobe and Ellen H. Parlapiano who have written two books Mompreneur’s and Mompreneur’s Online: Using The Internet For Work At Home Success along with a successful business.

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Simple Ways to Encourage Others

Finding simple ways to encourage others can do wonders to boost their morale and make you feel better, too.

Helping and encouraging others without selfish intentions is a great way to give yourself an emotional boost.


No matter how small and insignificant they may seem to you, positive actions do wonders to boost someone’s esteem and morale. By being that spark of positivity for someone,

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Review : GPS Your Best Life

With many of the changes I’ve made, would like made and that have been made for me in my life lately, I’m all for resources that help me focus and reflect on where I am, where I want to be and the best way to get there.

What I enjoyed most about GPS Your Best Life (Success Strategies): Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style is that it’s interactive and something that I can and will use on a regular basis.

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