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15 Soul Searching Questions To Ask Yourself

Often times I’m asked what exactly is a Diva With A Purpose?

Many can embrace the “divatude” definition- being driven, inspiring, victorious and called to action. But the two areas that I get questioned about the most are being “called to action” and “what is this purpose thing you’re talking about”

Simply put, your purpose is directly related to your passion. What motivates you? What makes you want to take action?

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16 Takeaways from 2016

2016 was a heck of a year, wasn’t it?

As I sat here after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and preparing for New Year’s gatherings with family and friends, a recurring conversation that seems to happen is this need for 2016 to “hurry up” and be over because … well, it had so many disappointing moments for so many people.

That I cannot disagree with.

#NowReading: 16 Takeaways from 2016

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Do You Want To Be The Best Version Of Yourself?

Divas. We have some questions for you:

What’s the best version of yourself? Are you smart, intelligent, well-rounded and happy? Can you hold your own in a political debate but also chat about hashtags and Instagram if your children ask? If someone wants a game of chess, are you willing to step up? Likewise, if your friends are on a tennis team and there’s a spare place, could you take it on?

Can you make beef Wellington to perfection but also deliver the best cheesy fries when it’s called for?

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Welcome August 2016

August is a special month here at Divas With A Purpose.

Seven years ago, August 2009, we started this website. This community has seen me through some significant moments in my life. You all have allowed me to work out my emotions and growth through these pages.

From the birth of my daughter after a miscarriage to encouragement and support when I began my full-time entrepreneurship journey last year –

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Women’s History Month Celebration 2016

March is designated as Women’s History Month and this year we would like to do a special celebration on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

The purpose of Women’s History Month is to increase consciousness and knowledge of women’s history.

Through our community we have the opportunity to connect and support women who are making and shaping history and we want to recognize the greatness that they are doing.

We are asking your help in recognizing the amazing women you know.

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Diva Spotlight: 15 Year Old Preparing For College This Fall

When I reflect on the year I turned 15 so many memories come to mind. Awkward teen memories, fun family memories and let’s just leave them there memories.

While high school graduation was a thought, it was definitely not at the forefront of my mind. At all.

Lauryn Brown is a Senior in Tallahassee, Florida. She and her family are excited about her upcoming graduation on May 26th. While Lauryn has not decided on a school yet,

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Let Out The Confidence Within

Janeane Davis gave us some awesome advice on how to “Let Out the Confidence Within!” during The Divatude Experience – the virtual conference our community hosted last month.

The Divatude Experience focused on different facets of our personal and professional lives. Registered participants will be receiving special offers from our speakers and sponsors and had the opportunity to connect with them one-on-one in our closed Facebook group.

This week we’ll be sharing the content and video recordings from The Divatude Experience.

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