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35 Reflections On My 35th Birthday

Once we hit adulthood, time seriously seems to speed up. I pinky promise swear I was just celebrating my 30th birthday! And now I’m at the mid-point of my 30s. Over the past few weeks I’ve been jotting down some reflections and thoughts and compiled this list of 35 reflections.

They are in no particular order – just thoughts that popped into my head as I started writing and thinking on where I am,

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Happy Birthday to my baby boy

Today is a very special day.  My youngest son (middle child) turns 5 “all my fingers” years-old.  I’d like to wish a very special Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy!  We’ve been counting this day down since Christmas. He absolutely loves celebrating birthdays (not just his!) and has been narrowing down his cake and ice cream choices since Valentine’s Day. (As of writing this, we’re having cupcakes with extra sprinkles and Oreo ice cream, but the birthday boy has reserved the right to change his mind)

I absolutely love this picture of Bradley because it embodies his loving and carefree spirit.

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Loving Life

Happy Valentine’s Day!

That greeting is either going to be met with returned happiness or complete disdain.  Is it just me or does it seem like Valentine’s Day is getting a lot of hate this year?!?

I know of some people that are in such a deep depression and view this day with so much anxiety, that  – they are barely able to function – they call in sick, increase their drinking,

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New Year…New Challenges

Welcome to 2011!!! I am so excited about the things falling into motion for this new year. When I reflect on where I was emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically a year ago…WOW!!! It can be overwhelming.

Top 5 Things I’m Looking forward to in 2011

  1. Divas With A Purpose, Incorporated’s unveiling.  Details of this awesome organization will be coming very soon!
  2. Purchasing my first home with my husband
  3. Paying off at least 60% of my debt (not including our mortgage)
  4. My oldest son’s 10th birthday
  5. My annual girl’s trip with my mom,

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Soulful Sunday: You are one blessed somebody!!!

Oh my goodness!!! This morning’s worship service was absolutely awesome!!! I was definitely in the right place at the right time for the right message.

I just love when I hear an inspiring message because it motivates me to make changes and opens up my mind to ways to move to the next level in my prayers, praise and purpose.

Those that know me know that I try my hardest to think in a positive fashion.

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Spirit of Thankfulness

I’m posting my Thankful Thursday blog a day early because I will be enjoying my day with my wonderful extended family. My prayer is that you all have a wonderful holiday as well.

Let’s not let the spirit of Thanksgiving last for one day or one season. As hectic as life gets sometimes, it does help to sit down and count your blessings to realize just how blessed you are. I think back at where I was emotionally,

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