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A Collage.Com Sherpa Blanket Review

Disclosure: I received a free Sherpa Blanket to review and share my thoughts with my community.

It’s been a few months … err quarters … since I received my personalized sherpa blanket from and YES, I still love it and use it regularly.

I shared an unboxing and my initial thoughts of the blanket when I first received it. (Scroll down to watch the YouTube video.)

Traveling with my Sherpa Blanket

I chose to include photos of some of the amazing Divas that have supported me throughout the years. To get the photos I made an ask on social media – share your favorite photo of us. I’m not usually in front of the camera so I was very surprised at the number of photos that were shared from women that have played an important part of my personal and professional life throughout the years.

I wanted to create a “Blanket of Love” – something to carry with me and remind me of the amazing tribe that I have. There’s often talk of the lack of support among women. I am thankful that that is not an issue I deal with.

My review of Custom Photo Sherpa Blanket

How difficult is it to create the blanket?

The online process to upload your photos is fairly simple. There is an option to sync to your social media platforms to easily pull photos you would like to use. This integration did not work well for me – especially on Facebook. I found it was easier to download photos I wanted to use or pull them directly from Google Photos.

Screen grab of sherpa blanket preview

How accurate is the preview of the sherpa blanket?

My preview was very accurate and I was quite impressed by the photo quality – considering you’re printing on fabric.

Does the blanket have a smell right out of the box?

This was a question asked during my live unboxing. I think this is great to know – especially if giving as a gift. There was no distinct “packing” or chemical smell.

How does the blanket hold up after washing / use?

My blanket gets quite a bit of use at home and during my travels. When it does need to be washed, I do so on the delicate cycle with cold water only. I air dry and will toss in the dryer on low for about 10-15 minutes. After about ten washes it has not faded and is still in great condition.

Would I purchase this product on my own?

Yes, I would. I have suggested this as a gift idea since receiving it to family and friends. If you are a new customer on’s website they often offer special discounts for your first order if you sign up for their newsletter. Updates and specials come through their newsletter for returning customers, too.

Anything else you’d like to know about my buying experience? Ask away in the comments or as a reply to this Twitter conversation and I’ll answer them for you.

My Sherpa Blanket Live Unboxing Video

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.