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Spring into Action – Fall Into Step: Reviving Your Goals

Can you believe we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year? Yes, believe it or not, we’re there.

Let’s be real with each other for a moment, Divas…anyone else hitting any ruts with the goals they set up for the year? There are some goals that I’m rocking and rolling with and others…well, others that I had to really ask myself and reflect on…

How does goal-planning fail?

The following immediately came to mind when I reflected on the goals that I have struggled with the most in the past.

We Stop Trying

Life attacks us from all angles and we just quit – quit trying, quit striving, quit being – and settle for what we have. We resign with life as it as and tell ourselves that this is just how things are meant to be.


Yep. The dreaded F bomb. The question is … do you fear failing or do you fear succeeding? For some it’s an issue of belief in self. Do you believe you can attain the goals you have set for yourself? Do you believe once you succeed you will be able to handle the responsibility and roles that come along with your goals? Face your fears head on and have a “get real Diva” talk with yourself to determine how “me, myself, and I” can work together to help the team.

Spring Into Action Reviving Your Goals

Not Fully Understanding How to Set Goals

Saying you want it to happen is great. Writing it down is even better. However, that’s not where it ends. Some people believe that’s all that is needed to set a goal and the rest will happen on its own. Goals are not a to-do list for life where items are checked off and never revisited. They are a working, breathing way of living. Your goals should be part of your daily focus. Will doing XYZ help me attain my goals or will it actually set me back?

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Because A Change is Not Wanted

You don’t change because you don’t want. Some people really are complacent with being where they are. No matter how unproductive that place is.  Many of us don’t understand it, but the reality is a person will not make a change until they are ready and committed to making a difference in their lives.

What’s been your biggest struggle with your personal and professional goals?
How are you working to overcome it?

Spring Into Action With Your Goals

How will you SPRING into action?

Now that we’ve covered how goal planning may fail. Let’s tackle how to SPRING into action and create the success that we desire for our personal and professional goals. Here are 6 things you can incorporate into your daily routine to help you propel forward with your goals:

Support and accountability is a must. Even if it’s just one or two other people, having others on your team to hold you accountable and support your goals makes a difference. I have different sets of accountability partners for different areas of my life. I know that they’re going to remember what I said I was working on and look for the proof.

Purposely productive with your time and tasks. I’m a believer in systems and routines. Whether it’s for your business or personal life, finding what works best for you to maximize your time and effort is a must.

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Realistic goals and plan of action in place. Have you taken the time to put together a plan of action that align with your goals? These action tasks and goals need to be realistic and attainable based on your life’s circumstances. I’m not saying NOT to be ambitious. I’m saying to know your limitations and plan accordingly. This may mean adjusting your schedule, bringing on additional assistance and releasing some tasks that are not propelling you forward.

Innovative ideas. I read this once and it stuck out so much that I wrote it down to put on my quote board: “Innovation can mean changing your business model and adapting to changes in your environment to deliver better products or services.” As you’re focusing on springing into action it’s important to look at ways you can improve and make the best use of your time and tasks. As you and your business grows, be willing to adapt to changes to help both become better.

Negativity needs to go. Simple as that. What you focus on will bloom and grow. If you take the time to tend to the negative thoughts and actions within your life and business, guess what? You’ll see more of them. Take some time to do some Spring Cleaning and remove negative influences, actions and people from your circle of influence.

Grow! Tend to your garden by fertilizing, pruning, planting, all the garden references you can think of. Find ways to better yourself and your business this season by taking on new opportunities, reading a new book, investing in a coach or course, the possibilities are endless. Make growth a priority as you spring into action.

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KoKoa Magazine (@KoKoaMagazine)

Tuesday 19th of March 2013

Fear is so real and you want to give up when things don't go as planned. You must keep fighting every downfall is an opportunity to step back and try again maybe with a new approach. If it's meant to be it will be no matter how many obstacles get in your way. Great post


Sunday 17th of March 2013

You are so right. A person will not make a change unless the WANT to. Just that simple. Great post.


Sunday 17th of March 2013

Yes, Ma'am. These reasons are exactly why goals don't get met. Thank you for the reminder, which serves as a push to get my butt back in the saddle!

Arelis Cintron @DjRelAt7

Saturday 16th of March 2013

You're so right its more than just saying them out loud and writing them down ... If its not being accomplished maybe its too big of a goal ...break it down it something more manageable and achievable or else you've set yourself up from the beginning

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

Thursday 14th of March 2013

My husband is really good at setting up his SMART goals every year...and he does so well with them. Me, I'm not so good at it!

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