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The Power of Visualization and Your Goals

Visualization is a powerful way to use your imagination to create the life you want. It enables you to see what you want and make it happen.

Visualizing success can help us get there faster, and stay motivated when we’re feeling down.

Using visualization techniques regularly will help you set goals, find solutions, and achieve your dreams.

You’ve probably encountered many visualization exercises designed to motivate you to pursue your goals. Some are designed to fire you up about reaching the destination. These often backfire on people who experience resistance, because they can easily lead to overwhelm.

 Getting overwhelmed is a fast way to stop acting altogether. If this is a tendency, you need to avoid the “big picture” and “see yourself” visualization exercises.

What is visualization and why is it so effective?

Visualization is a powerful tool for success. It can be used to make your goals more tangible and give you the motivation to achieve them.

Visualizing your success can increase your motivation and help you reach the goals you set for yourself. Visualizing your success is not just about creating a mental picture of what you want, it’s about feeling what it would be like to have achieved those goals.

Visualization is a powerful tool for success, because it helps us create a vision of what we want, so we can take steps towards achieving our goal.

The three key steps in successful visualization

Visualization is the process of creating a mental image of something not physically present, like the future or your goals. It is a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals and make your future come true.

There are three key steps in visualization:

– Setting an intention: This is the first step to visualization. You need to be clear with what you want, and set a specific intention for what you want to visualize.

– Visualizing: The second step in visualization is visualizing what you want. You need to imagine yourself in the future with everything going as planned, or visualize yourself achieving your goal and feel happy about it.

– Acting on it: The third and final step in visualization is acting on it. This means taking action towards making your goals happen or the future come true.

Remember that the main goal of visualization is to help you achieve your goals.

How to Visualize Your Way to Successful and Productive Days

Other visualization exercises help you visualize all the steps you need to go through to get there. These can be quite helpful, because it helps you see what needs to be done. This exercise breaks things down even more; you’re going to visualize the next step on your list, and only that.

It’s best to do this exercise right before you need to act to motivate you to complete your task. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to calm you down. Now visualize the next step you have to take on your list. Nothing else.

Focus on the one action you need to take, on the one step you need to get down. Don’t worry about anything that you’ve done before or anything you have to do after this. Certainly, don’t worry about the rest of the steps necessary to reach your goal. See only this one step.

Remember, visualize the next step on your list, and only that

Visualize yourself doing the actions necessary to complete this step. Be as specific as possible. Let’s say the next step is filing paperwork to open your business. Imagine yourself completing all the small actions necessary to complete it.

Printing the forms, filling out the forms, driving to the county clerk’s office, handing in the forms, and paying the fee, then getting the papers back with your business license. See yourself doing each of these steps successfully. Know that you can do this, that you will do this, and that it will work out well.

When you finish and you’re ready, take some more deep breaths, open your eyes, and start carrying out those steps for real.

You can run through this exercise several times if you need to, before you feel ready to work. Do it as many times as you need to until you feel calm and prepared.

This exercise can be used successfully to calm and prepare you for anything you have to do, from taking a step towards your dreams to an uncomfortable meeting with your boss or proposing to your significant other.

Michelle D. Garrett is the founder of Divas With A Purpose.

She focuses on sharing resources for being purposely productive; setting personal and professional goals and achieving them through daily action; and successfully running a business while focusing on your mental health. Michelle is a full-time entrepreneur who specializes in teaching female entrepreneurs how to show up consistently in their business – online and off.

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Paul Taubman

Wednesday 6th of July 2022

In order to have successful and productive days, it is important to start your day with a positive outlook and strong visualization skills. When I wake up in the morning, I usually take a few minutes to think about what I want to accomplish during the day. I will see myself achieving your goals and manifesting my desires. This helps me stay focused and motivated.

Thanks for sharing!

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