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Live Your Own Truth

It is important for you to live your own truth.

We need to appreciate that different people have diverse realities. Fully embrace your reality and the life you live. Taking this approach helps us to be true to ourselves.

Be excited to face each new day for it gives us the chance to show the world that you are unique. You bring the world something it is seeing for the very first time.

Live Your Own Truth

There are times when we are discouraged by unachieved goals. But, let us strive to avoid feeling disappointed in ourselves. We know that our path is already carved for us. When you are unable to achieve a specific objective, it probably means something better is in store for you. Release what is not yours so you can have your hands, heart and mind open to receive what is yours.

Let us commit to avoid seeking validation from others.  Focus on self-validation. We celebrate our strengths and achievements.

Proudly profess your love for yourself. Be unapologetic about the person you are. The opinion of others about your  life is irrelevant. Boldly state and accept that “My imperfections make me who I am!”

Release What's Not Yours

Exude positivity and live according to your beliefs, even when your beliefs are different from others around you.

Today, be proud that you live in your own truth. Love the person you are and celebrate every achievement – even if you seem to be celebrating alone. Remember to avoid listening to detractors and commit to maintaining a positive outlook.

my imperfections make me who I am

Moments of self-reflection:

  1. Do you end up feeling hurt when people falsely judge you?
  2. When have you lacked self-confidence and questioned your validity?
  3. How do you celebrate your achievements?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.