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Do you struggle with using social media in your business? Does the thought of creating content keep you from even trying?  After a long day or week working in your business does the thought of creating content overwhelm you? Do you have a plan for your social media platform but not sure how to take action?

Trust me, I understand. As a blogger, content creator, business owner, and consultant who uses social media daily, I get it.  I remember asking myself, “How am I going to create content? Not just any content but engaging content for my business? How am I going to show up consistently while managing everything else on my plate?

I felt like I would have to sacrifice in so many other areas – family, home, friends – if I focused too much of my time on my social media.  Then I realized if I worked smarter not harder, created a plan and executed not only would it become easier but it would benefit my business while still allowing me to also be present for the things I truly loved the most offline.

Inspiration, Guidance, and Accountability

So I created a tool to do just that – an eBook for female entrepreneurs with social media prompts for each day of the year. I then took it a step further. I created a community to help hold ourselves accountable, share the tools and resources that helped me online and assist other entrepreneurs with getting over the same humps we experience in our business.

I get excited working with business owners who are looking for inspiration and guidance on how to show up daily on their social media platforms. My Biz Boost Content Calendar is the tool that keeps on giving.

Supporting fellow female entrepreneurs

Selling our products and services comes naturally to many entrepreneurs. Building a community takes a little bit more work and can be daunting for many. As a community builder, I understand how to connect with your community in ways you may overlook while still being able to promote your products and services in a genuine way.

Let’s Strategize

My social media consultations are a way for us to create a strategy that works for you together. It includes:

→ an audit of your top 3 social media platforms

→ one 45 minute strategy call

→ a customized report that includes 30 days of content and ideas to connect and engage with your community delivered within one week of our strategy call


What Community Members and Clients Say

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