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10 house cleaning tricks that save money, time and effort | Guest Post

It seems that keeping a clean house (especially with toddlers, tweens, teens and every age in between) takes quite a bit of time and energy for many of us. The only problem is that the time is usually never enough, so the only thing we can do is to find useful tricks that will allow us to take care of our cleaning chores promptly and effectively. The good organization is of main importance, in case we truly want to maintain our properties in good condition. In this article we will present to you different excellent tricks that will allow you to keep your property always in best condition, while you also save some money, time and efforts.

10 house cleaning tricks that save money, time and effort1.  Clean the microwave faster with lemons – You can disinfect the internal part of your microwave with a couple of lemons, which you have to cut and leave in a glass container with water. Let the water boil and then wipe the surface of your microwave.

2.  Use a timer every time you clean – Using a timer will allow you to finish with your tasks for the day faster. This way you won’t get distracted and will be more efficient because you will know that your time is limited.

3.  Keep your cleaning supplies always organized – Looking for your cleaning tools and products all over the place could be really frustrating sometimes. Instead of wasting valuable time, you can just keep them all organized in your kitchen cabinets or another place, so that you can use them whenever you like.

4.  Make a weekly cleaning schedule – What better way to organise your time and use it effectively than making a special cleaning schedule for the entire week? For instance, you can take care of the disinfection of the bedroom and the living room one day and leave the cleaning of the bathroom and the kitchen for another day.

5.  Wash the windows with an effective homemade product – There is no need to spend money for expensive window cleaning products when you can prepare your own. Just mix in a bucket warm water with white vinegar and a little dishwashing liquid. The stains and the other grime will disappear immediately.

6.  Remove the grease stains with white chalk – You can erase the unpleasant grease stains from your walls and clothes by applying white chalk on them and removing it with a damp cloth a few minutes later.

7.  Collect the pet hair in no time – Solve the problem with the pet hair by putting your rubber gloves on and wiping all furniture and other surfaces in your home.

8.  Save money by using shoe polish to freshen up the leather furniture – You can make your sofa, the armchairs and other leather furniture look like new again by covering them with shoe polish from top to bottom.

9.  Clean your shower head with white vinegar – Erase the hard water deposits from the shower head with white vinegar. You can pour a little part of the product in a plastic bag and attach it to the head of your shower. You can leave it there for an hour and then scrub the entire surface.

10. Erase ugly stains from the carpets with baking soda – The cleaning of the carpet stains usually takes forever. If you sprinkle baking soda on each stain and leave it there for an hour, you will be able to get rid of the stains in no time. Just remember to vacuum the product after 60 minutes.

Once you start cleaning your entire home, it is easy to get distracted and lose precious time. This is one of the biggest mistakes that most people do, and that is why they usually don’t have the time to finish with all of their cleaning tasks for the day. You won’t have this problem, however, in case you decide to follow our special tricks and focus on the cleaning.

The article is kindly contributed by Kathleen Crane who runs CarpetCleaners Putney. She is always looking for clever and time saving ways for cleaning and home maintenance.

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Maids Dubai

Thursday 17th of August 2017

Wow. well informed post. This is good for those people who are not that busy but unlike to me I am always busy that's why I am always hire a residential cleaning services here in Dubai to clean most of the villas that I am operating.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.