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Guest Post: Be Honest With You!

I love myself because…. I am honest with myself first. I know it sounds weird but it was a journey to get there. Once upon a time, I told myself what I wanted to hear to spare myself the realization of being honest with me. I would tell myself that people were my friend or justify the actions of others because I did not want to face the reality of what I already knew to be true. Being honest with myself was one of the hardest things I have ever done but also the most rewarding.

Be Honest With You

Surprisingly enough, this journey began not too long ago. Maybe a year or so. I was in a place of constant disappointment and sadness because I expected from others what I knew I would never get. Wait…..Did you catch that?! Let me say it again…… I EXPECTED what I ALREADY knew I WAS NEVER going to get. Wow! Talk about a self check moment. Once I realized that, I set out on a journey to find self love. Yeah, I cared about myself and how I looked, but did I love myself enough to protect my emotional and mental self by not lying to myself? Hmmmm.

Often times, we will lie to ourselves to keep from facing the disappointment we knew was coming. Then when it hits, we are sitting there stuck-faced, crying in disbelief that someone lied to us when we already knew they were a liar. So one day, I was sitting, reading, sipping on some good ole strawberry kool-aid, snacking on tata chips and an old song from the 90’s came on. It went like this “When you love someone… you just don’t treat them bad”. That’s all that stuck out to me for some reason. The song as a whole didn’t necessarily relate but those few words were all I needed to hear to begin my self check. I asked myself. “Bridget, why do you treat yourself so bad? You can’t say you love yourself, but lie to yourself everyday”?

So I made a vow to tell myself the truth no matter how it made me feel. Once I started telling myself the” raw truth” I pride myself so much on being able to tell the next person, I felt just as shut down as I was making others feel. I realized I was no different, no better, no less, and definitely not untouchable in the truth arena. Since that time, telling the truth is all I know. By being honest with myself, I spared myself a lot of heartache over the years. I avoided a lot of unnecessary stress and aggravation. It is still and always will be a continued journey. I learned to be who I was, be honest with myself and embrace me and all of my DIVATUDE.

Take charge of your emotional and mental self… Be honest with you!

Bridget The Reality Buffet


Bridget is the voice behind The Reality Buffet – where she regularly serves up posts that encourage her readers to “Be Unique…Be Real…Be YOU!”.

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Tuesday 4th of February 2014

Great first guest post! It's true, we must be honest with ourselves first--no matter how it makes us feel! Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.