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Growth through Errors

There have been instances in your life over which you have regret – let them go. Know that everything happens for a purpose and that you have learned from all things that have transpired in your life. You will come to understand that the many incidents, issues and interactions you have experienced – in which you were tested – were all part of your growth process. From that understanding, you will become a strong proponent of how we live our truths. You will become a teacher of others, for through your struggles you will come to see the simplicity of it all. Do not struggle with it. Allow the insights to come.
I came across this quote over the weekend and it spoke volumes to me. 
No one walking this earth is perfect. We all make errors and mishaps.
The key is growing and learning from them.
Is there a mistake you’ve made that caused you serious growth in your personal and/or professional life?
I can think of a few – but one that stands out the most right now is not mistaking everyone for a friend or ally. Just because we’re friendly with one another does not mean that we’re friends. I’ve, also, learned over the years that being cordial, showing gratitude and just treating others (no matter who they are or what they’ve done to/for you) as you’d want others to treat you will take you far.  People will appreciate and respond to a genuinely positive attitude and reciprocate.

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Tuesday 24th of July 2012

That is so true especially about not believing everyone to be an ally/friend. That's something you can learned the easy way or the hard way. Great insight.

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