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Exercising As A Family

Exercising as a family is definitely something we need to work on.  I’ll be honest, Divas, many of our days are packed with indoor activities that include video games, television and the Internet. One of our 2015 goals as a family is to become more active and improve our overall health.

Ideas For Exercising As A Family


My husband and I realize that we are our children’s best role model. If we follow a steady, healthy pattern, our children are just as likely to do the same and continue this pattern once they are on their own. Of course, having fun while we create this habit is a must! We are all far more likely to be eager and accepting of the change when we’re enjoying ourselves.

Think about it. Which is more appealing?

“Hey kids! Let’s walk around the neighborhood!”


“Let’s see who can get to the stop sign the fastest and back!”

Making-A-Happy-Home A-Z Challenge

Ideas For Exercising As A Family

Here are some starter ideas for exercising as a family:

  • Commit to 20-30 minutes of physical activity together as a family such as walks or runs together; tag in the backyard; an afternoon bike ride; and nature hikes or skating
  • Set family fitness goals together. For example, our family walks at least 2 charity walks in our community each year. It’s a great way to support our favorite charities and get fit together.
  • Music and the silliest dance contest – need I say more? (This fun DVD has great ideas and inspiration to combine dancing and exercising for kids and kids at heart!)
  • Visit your local community park – playgrounds, walking tracks, open fields – the opportunities for exercising together are endless
  • Plant a family garden together – this is a double win! You can get fresh fruits and vegetables from your backyard and the digging, planting and weeding counts for exercise.
  • Make a game out of household chores and find ways to sneak exercise into other activities

Let’s Talk About It:
What ways does your family exercise together?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.